10 Thoughts That Will Change Your Life For The Better


This popularity is absolutely fair, as the author gives in his works real and effective advice, which upon applying, the reader can immediately see qualitative changes in his life. And I’m talking from a personal experience here.

In this article, we have prepared for you a selection of main ideas that wants to communicate, which, in our opinion, deserve special attention.

main ideas
What made the works of so popular?
The secret of the author’s success is simple: at the heart of all his books is the idea of the need for constant self-knowledge and self-improvement. Without developing awareness, learning and enjoying life, it is impossible to achieve harmony with oneself and others.

The value of advice is in its reality and its accessibility and practical application for everyone.

We invite you to take a closer look at the main thoughts of the writer that can change your life for the better.

Start your day in a good mood
A well-started morning is at the heart of any productive day. All successful people have a common habit: they start their day very early, devoting the first hours after waking up to activities that give them pleasure.

There are many more positive things around us than what meets the eye. Joy can come from simple and familiar things such as a sunrise, a delicious breakfast, a relaxing morning shower, the smile of loved ones, and so much more.

Bring joy and enjoyment to everything you do. Even the usual routine can evoke pleasant emotions if you put special meaning into it.

Start your morning by thanking life for all that you have. By filling your morning with positive moments, you will guarantee yourself a good mood for the rest of the day, which will increase your productivity and, therefore, your quality of life.

Learn to manage your time
Time is the most valuable resource a person possesses. Its value lies in the inability to restore it. That is why time management skill is one of the key skills in the set of soft skills of any successful person.

Without the ability to manage this important component of our life, the process of achieving goals becomes much more difficult.

encourages his readers to plan their day by actively allocating time not only for work tasks, but also for self-development and leisure with loved ones.

Get a taste for life
Perhaps the main message of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is that the true tragedy in any person’s life is not death, but the fact that some people die internally in life, losing all interest in it.

The author argues a lot about the search for the real spiritual “I”, the rejection of material goods, the separation of the really important and valuable from the surrounding garbage, which in the end will allow to achieve satisfaction in life and find one’s vocation.

Concentrate on the essentials
In today’s world, the Internet and means of communication are not only indispensable tools, but also destructive habits that eat up time, affect mood and reduce productivity during the day.

Any information noise we surround ourselves with reduces our efficiency many times over and leads to rapid fatigue.

That’s why urges to train the ability to focus on the important, not distracted by the little things. Staying focused for a long time, you can come to your goals in a shorter time.

Contribute to others
All famous entrepreneurs, who have built their business from scratch, sooner or later come to the conclusion that in life it is important to balance: “take and give back”. The more successful and richer a person becomes, the more effort, time and energy he has to give to the world.

This can be the foundation of other aspiring entrepreneurs or mentoring a young colleague. It is this cycle of good deeds that allows a person to grow above himself. Charity in any form is the key to success.

Be a true leader
In his book “The Leader Who Had No Title”, Robin Sharma gives the idea that our most important freedom is the freedom to be ourselves, which is why absolutely anyone can succeed.

To become a leader, you do not need specialized education. It is enough to be able to make decisions, take responsibility for all actions, have the courage to solve problems, and have a great desire to help other people.

The author also believes that one can become a great leader only by becoming a great person.

Maintain a balance
Often emotions take precedence over reason, and as a result we lose objectivity in our decisions. This, in end, leads us to make rash actions that can negatively affect our relationships with others and our quality of life in general.

Knowing how to keep your balance without panic or stress seems, at first glance, difficult to master. But once you master it, you will immediately feel a positive effect in all areas of life.

Make control of your emotions your habit, and you won’t have to regret any more careless actions.

Live like it’s your last time
in many of his books, invites the reader to ponder what they would do if they knew that today was their last day on this planet. Would they change their thoughts and actions? What emotions would they feel? The joy of a happily lived and fulfilled life or the disappointment of wasted years?

There are many examples in the world of people who changed their destiny at a very mature age. Usually it was because they found out about a serious illness or experienced a deep personal crisis. One way or another, these events had a shocking effect on them and they completely reconsidered their outlook on life. They left jobs they didn’t like, gave up destructive habits, and began to follow their dreams.

The author urges us not to wait for the right time, and start changing your life for the better right now, so that you don’t regret the aimlessly lived years.

Study yourself
Change and changing your life, it’s never too late. In order to not regret a wasted life, you should find a cause that you will burn with and that will inspire you.

But what do you do when it’s hard to know what recognition is yours?

Our articles will help you, and with the help of psychological tests and exercises, it will allow you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify important points of reference in life.


Remember, it’s never too late to change for the better.

Practice the “sparkling life” rituals
The last in our selection will be a tip consisting of a list of several rituals that recommends practicing on a daily basis.

In his opinion, to improve the quality of life, it is completely unnecessary to spend huge amounts of money on new clothes, travel, and entertainment. It is enough to perform these several rituals:

The ritual of healthy eating. Food is the body’s fuel. Correspondingly, proper and healthy food allows it to function smoothly, increasing energy and productivity.

A solitude ritual through which you can be alone with your thoughts, clear your mind of unnecessary experiences and come to new insights.

A ritual of immersion in new knowledge. Allocate at least 30 minutes each day and invest them in your learning. However, be selective about what you study. If food is fuel for the body, books are fuel for the mind. Don’t forget its quality!

The ritual of your own reflection. Analyze all your thoughts, actions, and deeds, because they define your personality. Every evening, take a flashback of the past day and answer yourself the question, “Am I better today than I was yesterday?”

The ritual of the spoken word. Daily repetition of affirmations helps not only to tune in, but also to change your thinking and actions. Find those phrases that will resonate within you and repeat them several times each day.

A ritual of harmonious character. No growth is possible without daily work on your condition, thoughts, and character. Practice getting out of your immediate zone to get better every day. Live in harmony with your principles and values. Do the right thing, because actions become habits, and habits shape destiny.

The ritual of simplicity. In order not to get bogged down in trivialities, concentrate on the essentials, the things that really matter. Make it a rule to spend one day a week without clocks, phones or Internet. Freeing your time from unnecessary clutter will give you more energy and motivation for the really important things.

A ritual of physical perfection. Get the body moving. How you take care of your body means how you take care of your mind. The saying “A healthy spirit in a healthy body” will never lose its relevance.

It is important to observe these rituals throughout life. It may seem daunting at first, but as you cross the 21-day mark, you will make them your habit, and later, your lifestyle. calls this “Ancient Rule of 21”.

It is important to note that everyone, will highlight for themselves what is most valuable to them in a given period of time. The undoubted merit of all his books is that they will never lose their signification.


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