10 Men’s Hair Myths and Facts


We’re here to set the record straight for men everywhere – today focussing on 10 myths which are not only entirely incorrect but could in fact be encouraging you to care for your hair in entirely the wrong way.

Check out the 10 following myths – and the truth behind them – and make sure that everyday is a good hair day for you.

Myth 1: Frequent Haircuts Make Hair Grow Faster
There is always that one man in the local pub who claims that heading to the men’s hairdressers or barbers will make your hair grow faster – in fact, it might not even be a man. This is a common myth heralded by women as well. The truth is though that your hair will not grow any faster by cutting off the ends as a trim has no impact on the structure of the hair – only on its lengths.

Getting a regular haircut is instead a great way of ensuring your hair is always presented well and forms an important part of giving you that ‘good hair day’ feeling every day – combatting breakages and leaving your hair in a healthier state.

Myth 2: Hair Needs to be Shampooed Daily
This is not always true – the number of times you wash your hair should be dictated by the products you use, or vice versa. If you wash regularly then use a clarifying shampoo which cleans the scalp but does not strip the hair of its natural oils.

Myth 3: Hair Cannot Be ‘Trained’
The way your hair grows is ultimately influenced by gravity and by the position of the follicles in the scalp – however, if you want to change your parting or the way your hair grows, frequent and consistent adjustments to the position of your hair can, over time, start to impact the way your hair grows. Meaning that yes, hair can be trained – it just might take some time.

Myth 4: Plucking Grey Hairs Mean More Will Grow Back
We get grey hair because the hair follicle is under stress – and so while plucking one grey hair will not immediately cause the replacement hair to have the same problem, the art of plucking could cause stress to the next follicle.

While we can completely understand where this myth came from, it is not really accurate or true.

Myth 5: Grey Hair Can Appear Overnight
Man with grey hair
The hair on your head right now is considered dead – it is only the follicle which is alive. Dead hair cannot change colour overnight, it will simply be replaced over time with new hair which grows grey.

Myth 6: Shaving Your Head Will Make Hair Grow Thicker or Faster
This is a common myth which also impacts the world of women’s shaving – but it is not true. Your hair is made of protein and keratin and does not communicate with your body, so your body does not know it has been shaved. The new growth of hair might only appear thicker or darker because it is brand new and has not been impacted by environmental factors like the sun, and its straight-across shave means re-growth is blunt and appears denser.

Myth 7: Dry Scalp is the Cause of Dandruff
There is no single factor responsible for dandruff – rather, it can be caused by anything from irritating products to a fungal infection in the scalp. The main thing to note is that dandruff is a result of your scalp flaking due to heightened sensitivity, so cut out your products and work from there to ascertain the cause of your issue.

Myth 8: Hair Loss Can Be Hidden By Growing Your Hair Longer
This is simply not true – longer hair exposes the scalp more due to the gravity on each strand pulling it downwards. In short, the longer the hair the more of your scalp will be exposed and the more obvious any bald patches will be.

Myth 9: Wearing a Hat Can Prevent Hair Loss
The only direct benefit of wearing a hat is that it protects your hair from exposure to the sun. Beyond that, hats can actually cause hair loss if they are too tight or if they irritate the hair follicle and cause it to break.

Myth 10: Shampoo Makes Hair Grow Faster
Shampoo will not necessarily make your hair grow faster and it certainly won’t achieve any noticeable impact on its own. Rather, selecting a shampoo which supports your hair goals, combined with a high level hair care routine and a healthy diet and lifestyle can all contribute towards helping your hair grow faster.



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