Many of my weight loss coaching clients credit the increased confidence and self-esteem that they gain from our program as one of the most invaluable pieces of our work together.

As a weight loss coach, I do not believe in a weight loss diet; I believe in a healthy eating plan.

When my private weight loss coaching clients work with me, they enjoy getting to the bottom of their emotional eating, stress eating, and their binge eating. They begin to understand why they turn to food for comfort. They begin to clearly see the impact of their negative self-talk and start to break down the beliefs holding them back from reaching their goals.

I partner with my weight loss clients as together, we focus on nutrition, fitness and workouts, and also the mindset, building self confidence, improving self esteem and helping them feel more in control of their choices. We also focus on sleep, mood, stress and how to find lightness and balance. This way, my private weight loss coaching clients don’t have to be thinking about their body, exercise and food 24/7 — they can feel more free and lighter about food and fitness and how they talk to themselves.

Feeling in control, confident, and attractive is something that every woman deserves. And no matter how you look on the outside, it’s all about how you feel on the inside. Do you agree?

My weight loss programs combine confidence-boosting exercises with my doctor-supported eating plan, exercise, and lifestyle changes that you can easily integrate into your hectic schedule. I am so excited to work with you through one of my weight loss programs. You are meant for transformation – and I can’t wait to help get you there!

Feeling in control, confident, and attractive is
something that every woman deserves. And
no matter how you look on the outside, it’s all
about how you feel on the inside.

Have you tried diet after diet and your old tricks aren’t working anymore?
Has your work life or family life gotten out of control and thrown you off track?
Have you worked with trainer after trainer but
you aren’t happy with your results?
Are you struggling with low energy and/or low
self-confidence and wish you just felt better overall?

Feeling confident in and committed to your goals isn’t a matter of willpower; it’s a
matter of having the right tools to value yourself and prioritize your goals.

Feeling good in your own skin doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym;
my 4-day-a-week 30-minute workouts prove it.

Fueling your energy doesn’t mean going on a strict diet; it means speeding up your
metabolism and getting into a routine.

Being healthy, energetic, and fit doesn’t take a lot of time; it takes a smart game
plan and steadfast commitment.

Nuts and bolts of the most efficient workout for your body type. (This may change throughout the course of the program, so it’s important to understand that what works in Month 1 may not work in Month 3.) I serve as your guide to ensure that we constantly keep things fresh (if needed) so that your body can burn the most amount of fast in the least amount of time.
We integrate the workouts into your daily life. Don’t have an hour 4x per week? No problem. I work with your schedule to devise the most strategic workout plan to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

You know what to eat – but you’re not eating it. Or, you’ve tried the same old diet tricks and they’re just not working anymore. I set up your eating plan so that it’s structured, but flexible. I help get the masculine systems in place while leaving room for your femininity and feelings to help guide the way.

I work closely with our Dr. of Naturopathy to ensure that your food plan is 100% customized to your body type. (3 month & longer programs also include our Dr. of Naturopathy analyzing your blood work & your first appointment with her.) Knowledge is power. The more you know about your body, the more motivated you’ll be to keep up with the food plan. This plan is based in science with room for flexibility for your lifestyle.

The guesswork is gone and you’re free to live your life. There’s no rigid diet or exact eating schedule that you must follow. Yes, we create a systemized program to fit your needs, but we also allow for slip ups and unexpected events to occur. You will NEVER need to guess what’s healthier, what you should eat, or how you’re going to get your next meal. I come up with all of this for you.

Whether you’re an emotional eater or you just want to have more self-confidence, I focus on creating a healthy relationship with food and supporting you emotionally. If you’re self-critical, we work on keeping your criticism in check so that you can enjoy your life, your body, and yes, even food!

We boost your relationship with yourself (because just like a romantic relationship, it needs to be nurtured.) Do you compare yourself to your friends or random people? Or maybe you feel self-conscious at social events or at work. We work on all of these scenarios and get deep into the weeds to uncover anything that may be holding you back from total success.
If you’re turning to food or drink from stress, out of loneliness, or out of habit, we will uncover the root cause of eating when you’re not hungry. I want to set you up for a lifetime of success, and sometimes these realizations are absolutely priceless and give you insight into your inner-workings that you never even knew existed.

We are not talking about religion (unless you want to). Moreso, we are focusing on what you deep down truly want and believe for yourself. We strip away any societal or relational pressures that you may feel, and get to know the real YOU. Not only DO we get to know her, but we also create beliefs and habits that support the REAL you.

Feeling disconnected from yourself? We work on this through a variety of techniques and relaxation tools that get you to feel softer and more feminine.

You’re not a man. Doing, fixing, and solving are very masculine traits. And while it is important to have these and to act upon them, it’s equally important to feel in balance with your femininity. This energetic piece of you feels, allows, and just “is”. You’re able to “be” without criticizing, solving, or working on anything. We accept you for who you are as a woman at your core, and create routines and beliefs to support you.


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