The Need for Diabetic Foot Care


Diabetes is a serious condition that affects millions each year. The spike in blood sugar level due to insulin insensitivity leads to this medicals situation that could end up fatal in the absence of proper care. Especially foot care is something every diabetic patient should follow to reduce the risk of gangrene formation.

When Is Foot Care Needed?

The prolonged presence of high sugar in the blood can cause certain damage to your nerves and blood flow. Diabetic foot care is needed in the following situations.

  • Numbness in the foot
  • Insensitiveness to wounds, scars
  • Redness/ rashes in the feet and toes
  • Gangrene formation
  • Lack of sensation in the foot
  • Infections that don’t cure easily

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

1. Keep Your Feet Clean and Tidy

Wash your feet with warm water and soap once you get back home. This will clear the germs thus keeping infections at bay. Don’t be too harsh on your skin, instead use a mild scrubber to wipe the back of your feet.

2. Cut Your Nails Regularly

There are chances your overgrown nails might break causing a wound that doesn’t heal easily. Cut your toenails carefully without hurting yourself and make sure you use acetone-free nail colors and removers.

3. Moisturize Your Feet

Dry skin in your feet when left unattended can become rough and eventually crack. This paves the way for infections to enter your body. Hence, moisturizing your feet is really important when it comes to diabetic foot care.

4. Avoid Wearing Heels/ Tight Straps

Get rid of anything that could restrict your blood flow. Fancy sandals with straps that dig into your skin can cause discomfort, rashes, and a restriction in blood flow. Hence, use footwear you are comfortable in. Wearing heels and stilettos for a long time are not advisable.

5. Monitor From Time to Time

If you notice abnormal swelling or a lack of sensation in your feet, it is wise to consult your diabetologist as early as possible. Infections and gangrene formation can be avoided with immediate medical attention.

A controlled blood sugar level and proper diabetic foot care are more than enough for healthy living without any complications. Diabetes is not a major concern if enough attention is given.


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