The real reason why we are asked to have curd daily


01.Can’t do without having dahi in your plate?

Curd or dahi is an Indian household essential. Some prefer having it in the form of a raita, after a hearty lunch or even as dahi chawal. With summer season here, there is nothing more soothing than a bowlful of dahi. Whatever way you like it, there’s no denying that curd is one of the healthiest probiotic (which is also readily available). It is also a good source of calcium, considering it’s made of rich milk and countless other vitamins and minerals.

02.Health benefits of having curd daily

As a rule, we have always been told to consume curd regularly by our parents. But have you ever wondered why? What is the real reason behind this? Well, how about we educate you a little about not one, but the many health benefits of having curd everyday with your meals.

03.To improve immunity

Having curd regularly has been linked to better immunity. Studies based out of Vienna, Austria claim that curd contains disease and germ-fighting cultures which work as an antidote for the body, keeping illness away from your gut, intestinal tract and strengthening your immunity to ward off any diseases. Makes it a healthy preparation, right?

04.Digestion problems fade away

Wonder why is it that you feel “full” or hearty after finishing your meals with a cup of dahi? Well, curd is a nourishing probiotic which is good for your gut, keeps digestion in check, prevents problems of diarrhoea and other imbalances from happening when you have it daily. Not just that, probiotics can also help manage weight problems.

05.It stabilises blood pressure

This may seem surprising but curd and yoghurt (in their non-fat versions) contain a good source of cholesterol-fighting minerals like potassium and magnesium, which purify blood flow, keeps pressure in check and cuts away bad cholesterol from the body. Calcium content in curd can also strengthen heart valves and muscles, making it function smoothly.

06.Bones get stronger

Milk is an elixir for strong bones and curd is not behind. A bowlful of dahi, consumed regularly can aid your body get maximum nutrition and extract fortified minerals needed for a healthy body. The calcium present in curd can not just strengthen your muscles, bones but also add density as you age. Hence, no matter what age you are, having a bowl of dahi will only do you good.

07.Fights stress and anxiety

We all lead stressful, busy lives and just increasing your intake of curd everyday can be a good enough way to fight and lower down stress hormones in the body. Yes! The solution is right there in the kitchen. Curd regulates the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone in the body, eliminates toxins and keeps your body healthy and nourished. When stress and anxiety hormones are well managed, it also helps keep the body healthy otherwise.

08.Lowers chances of vaginal infections

This one is for the ladies. It has been said that curd contains active good bacteria in its culture, Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria which controls yeast formation, thereby, prevents and actively fights yeast infections down. Consumed regularly, this can help control the pH level in the body and promote good vaginal health.


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