Standing office-Learn healthy lifestyle from Swedes


Swedes, who have always loved a healthy lifestyle, naturally love to embrace everything that is good for their body. They eat salads and exercise, and stay away from the lazy couch potato lifestyle.

In Sweden, a lot of office is a high degree of openness to the outside world, the window big and clear, the pedestrian is also very easy to catch a glimpse of the inside of the office put in one of the chairs are a bit like the bar chair, table and uniformly high. Makes people mistakenly thought that is because the local people is high, but then you see, this degree is high, even the Nordic also does not hold and pass by some office space, office space around as long as to glance, often can find those who stood on the high table. People who work at the computer seriously. See when standing office so common, only to find that this way of office is so common.

Stand, of course, this office is not only popular in Sweden, are common in the four Nordic countries, 80% of office workers have office in such an environment, and this can adjust the height of the desk and chair and even bosses in Denmark must configure devices for the employees (that is, as employees are free to choose whether you want to work standing up, but as a boss, to give this is equipped with) must fulfill the responsibility. When you want to stand, turn your seat up and come back when you are tired. Some Swedish schools have even introduced tables and chairs that allow students to stand for a while.

Standing office history

The concept of “standing office” is not new. Around 2011, a trend of “standing office” began in silicon valley of the United States. Nowadays, IT is applied more in some IT industries in Europe and America and has not formed a common scale. So, in terms of popularity, the Nordic countries are doing better, and have become a way of working that many people take for granted.

And, far from being new, it has been done by many celebrities throughout history. Da Vinci, for example, stood to paint the Mona Lisa, while napoleon, Jefferson, dickens, Churchill and others featured on the high table.

Benefits of standing office

Modern people should have such and such problems caused by the long-term volt case work, especially if immersed in the work at hand, often in the unconscious is to stick to the table, in the past over ten hours to a few anti in addition to the visible injury of neck back, sedentary desk lead to insufficient physical activity can also lead to cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, as long as the search can be found that a sedentary bring the harm to human body (of course, this does not apply to industrial injury and, in front of the screen playing games brush pills for a long time also cannot survive)

However, expecting to go to the gym on weekends is not enough to make up for a week’s worth of injuries to stay healthy. Standing up from time to time can help your body stretch and is good for your health.

  • For example, according to the reflection of many experiments and practices:
  • Standing at work can relieve post-lunch drowsiness, or afternoon drowsiness
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to a certain extent can even help you lose weight
  • Improve the back, shoulder and neck problems and correct posture
  • Active thinking and easy to flow some fresh ideas, enhance energy and creativity
  • Maintain a positive mood and attitude

In the culture of Japan have overtime began to carry out this way Lotte, for example, in 2015, the headquarters address from shinagawa moved to the Tian Gu off when the tables and chairs equipped with imported into the office environment, and promote employees standing office This, of course, set in the original is also considering the ordinary chairs and tables some little discomfort for some foreign employees The adjustable desks and stand the office most of the supporters, nature is the programmers in the company

The right way to work standing up

Although we have a long history of the theory that sitting is bad for your body, standing for a long time may not bring much benefit, for example, it may cause varicose veins in your lower limbs and other problems. It is no wonder that there are some problems when you see relevant programmers standing for a day.

Hedge at Cornell university professor said, healthy way is to sit about 20 minutes, stand up no more than 8 minutes, then set aside at least an hour of two 2 minutes walking a little relaxation time that is to say, 20 minutes sitting 8 minutes standing 2 minutes walk, just half an hour, of course, a small cycle this healthy rhythm not let anyone can stick to and once every 30 minutes to be interrupted, probably for many unfavorable to maintain a certain time of concentration and high efficiency, then, to keep a percentage of the combination of sitting and standing, or for daily office life has a lot of help.


Standing office or the combination station sit office premise condition is better equipped in Sweden, because of the popularity of this kind of idea, and they drink on household design ideas go straight in front, therefore, is made up of tables and chairs have adjustable Instead of upscale shops, even in ikea, you can find too much the whole office environment to build a very convenient and comfortable high tables and chairs.

Active office standing mat-The way out of standing trap

The application area of the standing pad is so large that it can not only help the office against obese legs, but also allow for long hours of cooking at home, or allow people working outside the office to relax most of the time.


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