5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office Environment


There is almost nothing as disheartening as a negative company culture inside the four walls of an office. Is it possible to maintain a healthy office environment with productive and happy employees?


Every business owner should take some time to implement standards that encourage productive and positive office personnel to help build unity in the office space. Here are a few ways to maintain a healthy office environment.

1. Hire the Right People

When interviewing an applicant for an office position, be sure to have a job description written up and clear points on what is acceptable and unacceptable. Say, for instance, that gossip and surfing the web on company time is not tolerated; the applicant can sense right away that positivity and productivity are important to you.

Ask them questions about their previous job, their outlook on life and get a feel for how they perceive things. If they spend a lot of time complaining about how things have turned out elsewhere, with previous bosses and fellow employees, most likely that attitude will move right into the job position you’re seeking to fill. When it’s finally time to let them go, you will only end up on that list of grievances in future interviews.

2. Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Drama

If you sense that there is drama or complaining building up within the office staff, you as the leader should address it immediately. Take up the matter privately with the individual(s) and be specific on what incident you’re referring to. Communicate in a way that doesn’t come across as superior, but make yourself clear on desiring for there to be continued unity and encourage keeping the drama at a minimum.

3. Be a Positive Leader

Aim to set an example for your team. Even when you promote positive and productive talk, it’s easy to fall into negativity and drama yourself. A good example goes a long way, so discipline yourself to keep from degrading fellow competitors, clients, and your own team members.

Being a positive leader does not mean that you pretend that everything is always picture perfect. Far from it, it’s about realizing that there will always be some hardships and issues. Instead of adding to the problems at hand, respond by purposefully aiming for solutions and move forward.

4. Know the Culture You Are Shooting For

There is diversity in business and office culture. Every business owner has their own set of priorities, some known and some unsuspected. Take some time to gauge what it is that you genuinely want to focus on within the office walls. What sort of atmosphere is most conducive to your business motto?

Whether you focus on positivity, productivity, friendliness, or strictly business, know what it is so that you will communicate clearly with the office team on what that looks like; and then model that behavior yourself.

5. Spotlight Exemplary Employee Behavior

While it is necessary to address how to improve, remember to point out the areas that a team member in the office is adding value to the culture. Show your appreciation and take the time to show others that you notice their positive influence and mannerisms.


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