1. Lunch – now lunch is something to be grabbed at your desk with your mobile buzzing. Then it was three courses on expenses.

2. Taking a sick day – then you were off work because you were genuinely ill, now if you’re off sick you’re also working – from home.

3. Reading reports – back in the 80s and 90s, people actually read reports, on paper. Now, we read everything that’s relevant – or NSFW – on the internet.

4. Faxing – once, we faxed the weekly update. Now we have real-time updates that track our every move.

5. Tippex – the delete button.

6. The business card – checking their LinkedIn profile before you meet.

7. Using the photocopier – why bother when you can copy everyone into an email?

8. Leaving work at 5.30pm – emailing at 5.30am.

9. The promotional pen – handing out power banks and video cards.

10. Your own desk – once we had desks with pot plants and photos; now we hot desk or head for Starbucks.

11. Chatting with the receptionist – remember human interaction? Now we check our WiFi connection when we walk through the door.

12. Your Filofax – once contact numbers were kept in a hard copy address book, now it’s Outlook automatic contact save.

13. Envying the boss’s office chair – now you’re sitting next to the boss in a raw design open plan office.

14. A swift pint in the pub at lunchtime – half an hour with the kettlebells in the gym.

15. Celebrating – back in the 80s and 90s, it was champagne and cakes for every new success, now it’s an email letting you know your new workload.

16. Transport – back then you had a company car, now you have a Brompton and some very sweaty lycra.

17. Carefully guarding your stationery stash – if you’ve never had your stapler pinched, you wouldn’t understand. Nowadays if it can’t be done online, we don’t want to know.

18. Having a smoke at your desk – Having a jog at your sit stand desk.

19. In tray – inbox.

20. Uncomfortable office chairs – If your office furniture needs an upgrade from the 80s and 90s, visit and we’ll be happy to bring your office into the 21st century!


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