Stress Busters to Try at Home
Be it the professional commitments or deadlines or our personal equations, stress has invaded our lives much more intimately than ever.

Some Stress Busters to Try at Home
New evidence has emerged that men need to take a break every now and then to calm down as the piling of stress may not just affect your overall health but your offspring’s brain development too.

According to a latest study, fathers taking too much stress may impact their sperms which could further alter the cognitive development of their child.

The research has taken a totally new look in to the role that fathers play in the brain development of their kids health in the embryo.

In one of the researches conducted over mice at the University of Maryland School found that adult male mice, experiencing chronic periods of mild stress, have offspring with a reduced response to stress. This research, when carried forward on humans, discovered that the father’s sperm, exhibited changes in its genetic material known as microRNA which play a significant role, in which genes become functional proteins.

The caput epididymis, the structure where sperm matures, responded to the father’s stress by altering the content of these vesicles & the cargo delivered to the egg. The findings of the study were presented at AAAS 2018 annual meeting in Austin. The researchers also warned that even mild environmental challenges can take a toll on the development and potentially the health of future offspring.

While Stress and anxiety are amongst the world’s top killers along with stroke and cancers presently, there are a few simple homemade remedies that can help lower the amount of stress or counter it in some ways.

Here are some foods that you can eat to beat stress naturally.

1. Lentils
Packed with vitamin B which is known to reduce fatigue and tiredness, lentils can work wonders to rev up your energy levels, while combating pre-existing stress and anxiety.

2. Banana
Bananas are rich in vitamin C which is an effective stress fighting nutrient. Bananas also help repair cell damage caused due to stress.

3. Yogurt
The calcium content of yogurt can help cut down stress effectively. It also has good bacteria that kill anxiety and depression. Have them with your meals or blend it in your smoothies, but don’t forget to have yogurt as much as possible.

4. Coconut
Coconut contains medium chain fats that improve our mental health and cut down negativity. Did you know, that the scent of the coconut is also known to have a psychological effect that helps reduce anxiety and slows out heart rate.

5. Oats
A bowl of oats and some fresh fruits finished off with a drop of honey right in the morning will keep your mood swings in place. Oat meal boosts positive energy as it is considered to be a serotonin enhancer, also known as the happiness hormone.


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