Hello and Greetings to all of you! Living in Present experiencing Love


People across the world are listening in on this auspicious Magh Purnima. Let us understand the significance of Maghashish Purnima.

This fullmoon day is very auspicious and has special significance. This day is known for many important events as Dattatryea Jayanti, Annapurna Jayanti.

Lord Dattatreya was incarnation of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The essence of all the three deities manifested in Lord Dattatreya.

He is the Guru, The Siddha. He is the one who is a siddha, who has attained siddhi’s and all the siddha s worship Lord Datatryea as their Guru. Today is also Annapurna Jayanti. The goddess of general living and wellbeing – like clothes, shelter, food etc. It is said that Lord Shiva also goes to goddess Annapurna to ask for Alms (Bhiksha).

Today at 7 pm I saw the sound of thunder and saw beautiful flashes of light. It is a very beautiful and conducive environment for meditation with the thunder and lightning.

I would like you to start your new year very differently. At new years eve we all party, eat, drink and dance with friends. However there is one thing that we tend to miss out and I am here to talk about that.To talk about You.

This talk is not a preaching or advice but together we will reflect and investigate and enquire what is that something that we really missed.

As you all know that 2020 is the beginning of a new decade. You all must have enjoyed 2019 with gains, failures and so many learnings.

First let us understand what does the new year mean. Is it just about changing your calendar or is it that you are waking up on Jan 1 and thinking you will now get into a different year. Or is it something which is far beyond everything which we do not know.

Let us understand that is it time that is passing or is it man who is passing. it is very difficult to understand the man. A lot of people said to me that they really enjoyed bringing in the new year, in temples and churches. But is it something to celebrate your new year in the club or temple, a place to party is all the same. As we are moving outside.

So when can we make an attempt that will take us inside.

You must have experienced that by going to different places you feel happy but that happiness is very momentary. So can we investigate where the real happiness comes from. Because if you are dependent on outsourcing agencies to make you happy then you are in trouble. In misconception and then you become very dependent because at that time your happiness depends on the external situation and your whole system becomes dependent. So this new year I would like all of you to make yourself crystal clear not from outside but inside – like a clean slate. So now the question arises can we make ourselves a clean slate, crystal clear from inside.

Can we start this new year according to you? And not by some guidelines of a priest or a Guru. How you really want to live how you would like to shape up his new year? Because everyone can tell about themselves of what needs to be done. But real transformation can only come when you question yourself on what I want in my life ? what I want in this new year and what I want to become. Because the first thought that comes from inside is actually the path.

We are seeking many things but we really don’t know what we are seeking and when we go deep down inside the question gets answered. In fact those who have experienced going within they have found that there is no question. People waste their time in searching for the answer. But those who have found the truth they have found something beyond imagination. Which is that there is no question. There is absolute silence and to reach to that silence is very revolutionary because if your mind is silent then you don’t need to wait for a new day new year. Then every moment is new for you.

And make your every moment new you have to go in self reflection zone. That is must for you. Take a few minutes and think and what is something which you want to transform in the new year 2020?

Lets take an example you want to resolve your anger issues. People say I would like to control my anger. Now think is anger something that you can control? There is a tendency that whatever you want to control you cannot control because in control there is a deep down possession. For eg if I say I don’t want to think about this person so actually at that time I am thinking about that person. If I say I don’t want to be angry now we are thinking about anger. So to get rid of the anger start to live in that anger . and the answer will come out from the problem only. Mark my words carefully answer will come out from the problem itself. When you are in anger, when you are in mess live in that moment and when anger starts observe and see form where that anger is beginning?

From where that anger is arising? So when you see the anger automatically you will tell your mind what is this foolishness I am doing? Because the actual true being of yours is full of love joy and bliss. So if tell you to stay in anger for 24 hours, it will be very difficult for you. Because that is not the real you. Your original self is to be in bliss. If I say be happy its easy but be in anger in very difficult. You will realize that to be in anger is all rubbish.

Nelson Mandela once said to think bad about someone or to be angry is to actually giving punishment to your own self. Buddha also once said that being angry with someone is like holding burning coal in hand and thinking to punish someone else. When you hurt yourself like this with your anger how can you do good to yourself. best is to forget about anger as anger is one thing you cannot control. You can only transform it by love energy, by peace energy, by bliss.

There are many questions you have asked:

How to avoid procrastination?

How to see people as they are?

How to go in the depths of self?

How to not brood about things?

How to deal with difficult people?

There is a beautiful thought that just struck me as I listened to your questions and that is to just live in the moment. IT is a very difficult task, if say start living in the moment. But you can start with some exercises.

When you are having your dinner just be present fully. Many people when they are having their dinner they are watching tv, writing about something, thinking something, browsing on their phone, talking to someone. At that time you are doing multitasking and people think that they are being very successful but they are foolish people. Those who are enlightened beings those who have higher consciousness they actually do one thing at a time.

When you are doing something completely be present in your dinner. Feel the aroma, feel the tough in your fingers, when you bring the food closer to your mouth smell it. When you touch the food that you will eat automatically the chemicals in your body get activated to receive that food. Your body is actually a machine so your whole system works automatically.

When you eat be in the feeling of gratitude. And be grateful for everything and When you are consuming your food just be present fully. We are physically there but our mind is somewhere else. We are distracted and our energies get scattered in those multiple things. So we should start to live in the moment.

Another question: What to do when you suddenly are crippled by the fear of future and how to maintain love energy constantly?

As I said love is not outside. Love is inside of us. When you are present in the moment you will experience an explosion of love inside of you and that love will bring positivity in your life. We are thinking constantly about future and past. What am I going to do? What have I done? But I am not thinking what am I doing right now? For that we need so many spiritual masters, astrologers, tarot readers but we don’t realize that everything we want to find is not outside. No one outside can tell you about your past or your future. So you have to work on it, you have to investigate and you have to find out by yourself. Love is something which is your originality. You don’t have to find something new there. You have to meditate.

There is a beautiful meditation HridayDhyaan. You all can experience through meditation. You are unable to experience love as you must have accumulated grudges, you must have not forgiven people around you. The minute you start to forgive people you will experience unknotting which is happening in your heart. Unknotting can only happen when there is no one inside you.

We have seen that we are disconnected with people but actually there is something inside of us that we have accumulated and we are unable to move on from that. And the presence of the person, I am not talking about the physical person, is inside of us. So we have to get rid of that.

There is only one way if you really want to clear your system with all the toxic people is to do heartfulness meditation. To do heartfulness meditation. Automatically as you start to do that the blockage you have created inside knowingly or unknowingly your heart chakra soon will clear and you will feel a certain lightness.

People who have done 21 day heartfulness meditation say they have experienced something far beyond their imagination. They became more loving kind, compassion is rising in them and that is the real life. And it doesn’t matter if people are having grudge with you. It is their problem. But you don’t create any karma. Karma is what we create.

Every action of your is creating a karma. In Geeta also Lord Krishna has explained very beautifully. There is a Gyanendriya and karmendriya. An enlightened being, when they do daily activities, both Indriyas start working together. And for a normal being in day today life only Karmendriya is active so when you live with complete focus and complete wisdom without any thought without thinking about any one then both your Gyanendriya and karmendriya start working together. And your karmednria is constantly moving when you are sleeping going out working.

But gyanendriya is very important to awaken and that happened when you meditate. Go deep down. Gyanendriya is like a jewel. Precious stones you can find only when you go very deep. So to find all the answers, you have to go inside you and you will feel the change as you start to practice Hridyadhyaan without any expectations. Don’t expect that some magic will happen. Because when we think of that we forget ourselves. Self-remembrance is very important. Just focus on yourself without thinking of the result.

You do your karma, let the fruit of labor come by itself. There are affirmations also which I have created for your convenience.

Do your work the whole day, office party club. Take out 20 minutes and that can transform your life. Take that time out for yourself. As you practice this gradually you will feel there is something that is breaking inside of you. From past we have made so many complications, dogmas, philosophies and patterns of our own and to break that pattern is very important. We are living with so many beliefs and conditioning is very important. It can only happen when you break all the patterns you have created in the past and by starting to live in the present moment.

In the present moment you can only think about the present. Which is something of great value, because the truth is the present moment. Now where you are in office or home if you are focusing completely here and no distraction is coming in your mind then this itself is a meditation., whatever you are doing if you are doing with your whole being with completeness and with that wholeness a meditative state will arise and that meditative state will gradually help you to live in the present moment.


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