Simple – Super Foods to Fight Common Cold!


During this changing weather condition, it’s a must that everyone needs to protect beside the common illness like cold and flu. As they’re highly contagious diseases, taking preventive steps are indeed necessary. It is common to know that keep your health fit by maintain proper diet and plenty of exercises are best in combating the same. Here are the lists of few home available superfoods that are known to be highly effective in fighting these common colds.

Soup– Chicken soup or mushroom soup is been nature’s penicillin for decades. Being in the top list, this type of soup intake has many curative powers. The hot soup with black/white pepper spread helps in clearing clogged airways and relieves you from cold.

Garlic– Keeping body in healthy condition, garlic plays a vital role. Filled with goodness, garlic has allicin ingredient that has antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal, decongestant and antioxidant properties in curing many health disorders. This flavoring agent destroys the free-radical cells and activates oxygen molecules.

Ginger– There’s many out knowing the secret remedy of cold, Ginger. Adding fresh/dry ginger, honey and cinnamon to warm water ease cold and cough problems. You can also have ginger tea with cloves to cure sore throat and cough.

Hot n’ Spicy Food– It’s a fact that eating chili-mixed or spicy sauces help ease congestion. Mostly seen in Indian custom, people usually add spice contents in their food to add extra zing to healthy being.

Citrus Fruits– While facing illness, never forget to intake Vitamin C (citrus fruits) content to your body. It’s better to have an orange juice for breakfast, snack on half a grape fruit and add any citrus fruit with your lunchtime salad. It’s important to keep your hands off from smoking.

Fluids– Drink more water and always keep your body hydrated to fight against sickness.

Vitamin C Sources– In the previous I might have talked about the Vitamin C citrus foods, but the fact is, not just fruits contain Vitamin C but also certain food sources like potato, green pepper, pineapple and strawberries can help as the daily cold-fighting food arsenal.


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