Six techniques to effectively manage your mood swings


Getting cranky thanks to frequent mood swings? Then try these 6 tips that can help you control your emotions quickly and more effectively.

This year was nothing but a roller coaster ride, and there’s no denying that everyone has been through a lot mentally. These events have not only left a deep impact, but have also caused several mental health issues. From feeling cranky to suffering from uncontrollable mood swings, these things have become so common.

Are you someone who has been suffering from mood swings lately? If yes, then understand that while mood swings are very common, they can indicate several other serious factors such as a depressive or personality disorder. While the latter needs medical intervention, if you feel that it’s just a common mood swing, then these six tips will help you tame your mood swings quickly!

Indulge in skincare
Skincare is the time that you completely devote to yourself, taking care of what is actually yours. Not only is it a very relaxing activity but focusing on yourself can help you put an end to the mood swing cycle. A study published in the Asian Journal of Beauty & Cosmetology also found that a dedicated skincare routine can help you boost confidence. This will further improve your self-esteem, and overall happiness.

Sniff lavender oil
The aroma of lavender oil is something that can lift your mood instantly. The aroma works like magic on your mood. According to a study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, people who sniffed lavender oil experienced relaxation and lower stress levels. So, sniffing on some lavender oil can definitely help you with mood swings!

Try scribbling
A 2017 study has shown that scribbling can significantly help to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. So, if your mood changes drastically, then there are high chances that you are stressed, so maybe try scribbling anything that you feel like on a piece of paper.

Go for a walk
Whoever said that a good walk can do wonders to your mind wasn’t wrong. Going for a walk will give you the time for self-introspection, and can help boost your self-esteem, mood and the quality of your sleep.

Visualization techniques
Following visualization techniques can help you come out of the dark puddle that you might be in. When you visualize all the positive and good things, you become more confident in yourself. It further gives you hope and energizes you. Positive visualization can give you a positive outlook about the situation, thus helping you handle your mood better.

Sing your heart out
Whether you are a bathroom singer or no singer at all, if you are facing the issue of mood swings you gotta try singing. Don’t care about the lyrics or the scale, just sing your heart out and trust us, you’ll feel better.

A study by Victoria University also found that singing can very well help in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. And when it does wonders to your mental health, then it can also help you uplift your mood!



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