Shape Up Size Down Workout for Beginners


Shape Up: Exercises for Strong & Toned Legs You Can do at HomeA pair of toned legs takes work – you need to make sure you follow a routine of exercises at least twice a week and assume correct form so you don’t injure yourself.

We’ve put together a set of 6 exercises you should do in this order. Start out with 2 sets each and add a set every week or every alternate week. Be sure you take a break of 20 seconds between each set and about 2 minutes between each exercise so you have enough time to cool down.

1. Squats
Stand straight and keep a few inches between your legs, toes pointing forwards. Now, hold your hands out or cross them and keep them parallel to the floor. Keeping your back straight and butt out like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. Be sure that your knees don’t cross your toes and if your back hurts, then star all over again.

2. Lunges, With or Without Dumbbells
Find a room with enough space so you can walk and lunge. You can use dumbbells although if this is week 1 of exercise then start without them. Bring your foot forward for a lunge, keep your back straight and bend down till the knee of your other foot touches the ground. Get back up and take the second step and lunge again.

3. Butterfly
This one’s actually a yoga pose but we’ve found it to be extremely effective for heavy thighs. Bring the balls of your feet (heels) together, hold your feet and keep them a few inches away from your body. Now flutter your legs up and down for 2 minutes, take a break and repeat.

4. Mountain Climb
This is also probably one of the best cardio workouts that works not just for your legs but also your upper body. It strengthens your lower body and your abs. Here’s how you can do it – get into plan position and bring one of your legs forward, now take it back and bring the other leg front. Repeast this 20 times, take a break and then do the second set.

5. Stair-Master for the Calves
This exercise is most effective for chiseled calves. Find a stair or an edge and stand on it with your toes and the back off of your feet suspended in air. Now stand on your toes and come back down. Repeat this 20 times at medium pace and soon your calves will start to hurt suggesting that the exercise is working.

6. Sumo Squats
These are just like squats only you need to do them with your legs wide apart and toes facing sideways. Put your butt out, spine straight and bend low keeping parallel to the floor. Hold the pose for a few second, stand up straight and repeat 20 times.

7. Single Leg Bridge
This is a great way to not just exercise and strengthen your hamstring but also your butt. Lie down with your knees up, stretch your leg straight and life your butt off the ground. Hold this position for a minute or as long as you can and slowly bring your body down. While you’re holding yourself up, remember to squeeze in your tummy and your glutes for maximum benefit.


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