Sporting a cool hairstyle is not just for adults. It’s also important for boys too. They may be young, but they still want to look great and stay up-to-date with the latest looks and trends. While boys’ haircuts often take inspiration from those of men, they do need to be tweaked to become more suitable, so straight copying will never work. Instead, it’s best to look to other cute kids to find great cut and style ideas that you can use. Whether you’re looking for soft curls, short spikes, or a stylish side part, you’ll find all the best haircuts for boys right here.

1. Thick Medium Length Style
This medium-length cut with bangs is a great way to style thick hair without creating a “mushroom” effect.

2. Short Waves with Bangs
This look proves that bangs can also work for boys with short, wavy hair.

4. Messy Spikes
Modern spikes for boys should be more movable and messy than those of the past.

5.Undercut with Comb-Over
This awesome undercut with comb-over will no doubt make any boy sporting it the coolest kid in school.

6. Textured Undercut
Little men will love the big attitude of this cool, undercut hairstyle.

7. Textured Side-Part Style
This textured, side-part style can easily be brushed or combed into a polished look when formal occasions arise.

“This is a timeless haircut and suits all age groups and makes the hair look fuller and neat. A little bit of texturising adds a personal touch to the haircut,” says Haria. Motwani too chopped her long hair to a single shoulder-skimming length earlier this year and says it’s the easiest to maintain and can be tied up or styled as per your hair texture and thickness. “You can either go for a length that just about grazes your shoulder, skimming between the chin and shoulders, and keep it not very layered, but play more with colour instead as the colour will give it more individuality. Create internal layers instead and this gives playful movement to your hair and you can texture it and wear it differently too. It complements every face shape,” says Motwani. You can either go for a trim again in two months or let your hair grow out naturally from the one length.



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