Does over-eating fruits cause weight gain?


It was never this complex in the earlier years, was it? These days, anything and everything has become doubtful. Especially, when it comes to consuming a healthy intake, every food item including fruits is being questioned. We could begin by saying that it is a myth that the sugar in fresh fruits leads to gain extra pounds.

This misconception came into existence when people began talking about the low-carb diets. But, here the point is that fruits and vegetables not only contain carbs but also include vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars such as fructose as glucose in the right amounts. This is the reason why fruits are a must-include when it comes to wholesome meals.

Does the myth have an underlying meaning?

Though fruits have a whole lot of benefits to them, too much consumption is totally unfair how much ever healthy the food is. Every fruit has calories linked to them and hence biting that apple, or munching on a bunch of grapes is definitely gonna add to that calorie list. Health experts recommend up to two bowl servings per day and anything more than that is definitely going to be something extra. Here is a list of fruits with its corresponding calories.

Include the right amounts in your daily servings and you’ll have no worries about gaining extra pounds.

Fruits low in calories

Happy news is that there are fruits that are very much low in calories and to name a few, peach, strawberries, and blackberries are on the list. Its calorie content is so much less that it comes to around a mere 45. And moreover, when you have such great anti-oxidant properties and cell-rejuvenating benefits, why would anyone want to deny eating them. Moreover, taking these as a meal-enricher to everyday breakfasts would solve half the issues the teen of today are facing.

Dry Fruits & Tinned cherries

As much as dry fruits have great health benefits from dealing with knee problems to bone strengthening, they also contain some sensible calories and consuming beyond proper quantities can lead to a definite weight gain. Did you know that a handful of raisins contain nearly 300 calories?

The same goes for processed fruits that come in tins. In fact, canned food, anything for that matter, is not advisable mainly for two reasons. One being the addition of preservatives and the other being the added sugar content leading to weight gain.

This article is definitely not to threaten you on weight gain but an eye opener that fruits have calories too and is extremely beneficial when consumed in the right quantities.


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