Brown rice-More or Less than Staples!


The most cultivated grain in the world since its invention in 2500 B.C is the rice. It is an established fact that rice is widely consumed in many parts of our country. One would easily be able to tell at least three to four different types of rice available, the grain is not foreign to anybody.

The fallacy, though is that rice makes a person bloat and that is unhealthy as a staple, this is one of the reasons many in the West abstain from it. Another one such misconception is that brown rice is a healthier option, let’s explore that.

Brown rice is a whole grain, which was three parts to it, the bran, endosperm and germ. The grain is unpolished or stripped off of its layers, it is cooked and eaten whole. All the nutrients and fibers are locked in the barn and endosperm.

Here are the benefits of eating brown rice

Since it is high in fiber, B.rice helps in weight loss, it helps in digesting the fats. Having brown rice is an excellent way to balance your diet.

An extensive research was done on people who had brown rice and the ones who had white rice. The results palpably stated that brown rice has adverse effects.

Brown rice has a high level of arsenic, which is a harmful toxin and its overdose can lead to cancer in the liver, lungs and kidney. This toxin comes from the chemicals in pesticides which are not polished off from the grain but it is also naturally occurred. But there’s always organically grown brown rice to run to, which will eliminate all these ill effects at least by half.

While it is true that the grain is a good source of protein, it is not protein that is easily absorbable by our bodies, in other words, its bioavailability is significantly lesser than other protein-rich foods. Protein not well absorbed can lead to many other problems.

Apart from these, the whole grain produces phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient which can limit the absorption of vitamins and minerals, however, this will not show immediately or suddenly.

On the other hand, our bodies are extremely tolerant to white rice, it is filling so you wouldn’t get hunger pangs. Even though it is a polished grain sans some nutrients and fibers, it is also sans harmful chemicals.

Ergo, white rice is a better staple than brown. Relish it without a worry in the world!


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