5 healthy and tasty breakfast for assured weight loss!


Breakfast is an important meal to start a day and you shouldn’t skip the meal. Eating a healthy breakfast regularly will offer you numerous benefits. Whether your aim is weight loss or to remain healthy, it’s righteous to eat breakfast on time. You need the energy to run the whole day and only a healthy breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism.

5 tasty breakfasts less in calories- You must try

1. Whole Wheat Puttu

The steamed breakfast is a great option for those who are looking for a weight loss. It will surely reduce your appetite until lunch. Puttu comes from God’s Own Country, Kerala and they are prepared mixing, wheat flour with salt, grated coconut and water. There are many variants of puttu available including corn and millet. For an authentic Kerala touch, serve the food with banana or a spicy black chickpea curry.

2. Idli and Sambhar

The steamed idli is one of the healthiest vegetarian breakfasts served in South India. The perfect combination of idli with sambhar will help you gain carbs, protein, vitamin, minerals and fiber together. If bored eating smoothies and green leafy vegetable morning, you can replace them with idli.

3. Ragi Dosa

Finger millet packed with calcium and iron makes a healthy as well as tasty breakfast for anyone. They are rich in carbohydrates so if you are looking to substitute rice at lunch, try ragi dosa with onion tomato chutney. Add moong dal to the flour while preparing the batter. Include carbohydrate packed ragi dosa in your daily diet for weight loss.

4. Appam

Appam is an authentic Kerala breakfast which can be prepared without the use of oil. The healthy breakfast is made of raw rice, grated coconut and dry yeast. Appam can be served with spicy egg curry, vegetable stew or black chickpea curry.

5. Oats Poha

Oats rich in antioxidants can lower cholesterol and blood sugar making a healthy food option for breakfast. If looking for weight loss, include oats cuisine either for breakfast or dinner. Oats poha is a variety dish you must try for morning and you can add onion, peanuts, and even veggies to make them taste more delicious.

The vegetarian recipes for breakfast offer a tasty option to start a day fresh. The simply healthy breakfast will help you stay energetic throughout the day.


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