Benefits of Wearing Copper Jewelry for Glowing Skin


One of the most ancient metals in usage, copper jewelry dates back to the Egyptian era. Right from finger rings to anklets, copper has always been worn extensively by both men and women of all ages for a very long time. Apart from boosting immunity and increasing blood flow in the body, the goodness of this therapeutic metal plays a major role in skin care as well and here we discuss a few.

1. Anti-Aging 

Rich in anti-oxidants, copper jewelry protects the top layer of the skin from free radicals by improving the elasticity. This makes sure your skin is free of wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness. Thus, your skin ages slower making you look young and lively without much effort.

2. Anti-Inflammation

Wearing copper jewelry has proven benefits in reducing swelling. The metal, when reacts with your skin, improves blood flow and hence, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Puffy eyes, swollen feet, and other types of swelling significantly reduce when the metal reacts with your skin.

3. Anti-Bacterial

The growth of bacteria, fungi, and microbes is restricted with the use of copper jewelry. So, it boosts skin health by keeping it clean, oil-free, and reduces acne. The healing benefits of copper also help in clearing rashes and skin infection.

4. Healthy Nails

Here again, improved blood circulation is one of the reasons for strong and healthy nails. Wearing copper rings and bracelets is a sure shot way to enhance your nail health by keeping them intact and free from breakage/ discoloration.

Why Does the Skin Turn Green on Wearing Copper Jewelry?

Prolonged use of copper can turn your skin green. This condition is absolutely normal and occurs because of the oxidation caused by perspiration. There are certain articles that claim otherwise but it is quite natural and not a reason of concern.

How to Maintain Copper Jewelry?

ue to oxidation and prolonged usage, copper jewelry tarnishes and becomes dull. It is necessary to clean them once in a while for the lustre to last.

  1. Soak your jewelry in a bowl of apple cider vinegar. The acidic nature of vinegar cleanses your ornament and makes it shine like new.
  2. Now, wash it off in tap water and dry it using a soft towel.

This is pretty much all that is needed to make your copper jewelry shine bright.

  1. Secure it in an air-tight box when not in use.

Not just skincare, wearing copper jewelry has a lot of health benefits as well such as removing joint pain, improving the immune system, reducing cholesterol, etc. So, along with glowing skin, you always get to live fit and fine with this ancient metal in hand.


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