With a tropical wet climate surrounding the beautiful rural district of Karnataka, Coorg is often regarded as the Scotland of India. The reason for this rests in its rich culture and an ultimate range of cuisines and this offers you some best street food in Coorg. The people staying over here are known as the Kodavas who welcome the patrons with great warmth and hospitality.

Coorg offers a picturesque view of its magnificent destinations and landscapes, but the attraction lies in its mouth-watering food. This alluring hill station is a dream destination for the travel junkies and they just admire this place so much. Let’s list down the famous street food in Coorg that you can’t ignore in any way.

5 Delectable and Best Street Food in Coorg

1. Kadambuttu- The Rice Ball
Kadambuttu is an inevitable dish that is considered as a must on almost all the occasions. This dish is basically made of broken rice with a blend of cardamom powder to treat your taste buds. This is a superb street food available in Coorg and is served with a pickle.

It is one of the best street food in Coorg.

The best place to try– Coorg Cuisinette, located below KSRTC Bus Stand

2. Bamboo Shoot Curry
A true highlight of the monsoon season, bamboo shoot curry is a phenomenal street food in the southern part of India. To prepare this bamboo is collected before they attain woody growth and are soaked in water for peeling off the outer skin.

The cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chillies and raw rice are used as a perfect mix to give this dish an awesome flavour.

The best place to try– Hotel Capitol

3. Pandi Curry
Also known as the coorgy pork, this particular dish is a mouth-watering affair as far as street food in Coorg is concerned. This is accompanied by a curry made of either chicken or pork. The dish is usually served with Aaki Roti to give a replenishing taste of spices.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best street food in Coorg.

The best place to try– Coorg Cuisine in Madikeri

4. Nuuputtu or Noolputtu
If you are in the most beautiful location in southern India, Coorg, and you are looking for a unique breakfast; this dish can serve your purpose. The structure and appearance are what makes this dish a must to try street food in Coorg.

The best place to try– Taste of Coorg

5. Kuleputtu
Now this street food in Coorg has got a bit of a unique blend of the traditional jackfruit recipe. Kuleputtu is one of the most famous street foods in Coorg and is prepared for the sweet juicy pulp present in banana leaves.

The best place to try– Zaffron
The South Indian Cuisine is the perfect way to satisfy your taste buds. The travel junkies get attracted to this region owing to its magnificent views and mouth-watering street food. Being one of the most popular destinations in the South, Coorg is embedded with some unique tangy taste of almost all the spices.

The above list describes the well- known street food in Coorg. You might be planning to throng this place by this time; so do share your experience with its street food. Our comments section below is waiting for your suggestions and feedback.


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