Momos, a type of soft, succulent dumplings filled with either vegetables, chicken, or meat, have become a hugely popular dish on Indian streets, restaurants, and eateries. These delectable morsels are generally served with spicy chilli sauce, special chutneys, and mayonnaise dips; all of which add an extra layer of flavour. Despite coming from Maharashtra, where momos are not as well-known, I have been an avid fan of momos- particularly chicken momos- ever since I first tried them. Originating from Assam and other regions of North East India, momos have now spread to almost all parts of India, each having its own unique take on the recipe. Yet, many people still look for the original momo recipe and will go to great lengths to find authentic momos, visiting cafes, restaurants, and food stalls.

Chicken Momos: A Special Gift From North East
People from the Northeast of India or who spent their childhood there are familiar with momos – a Himalayan treat. It’s so delicious that some might want to eat it for the rest of their lives. I have been to Assam multiple times and it is recognized for its mountainous woods and the cold air with a sense of cleanness. The weather is always chilly in this area. Eating steamed chicken momos with unique chutneys or sauces is especially soothing on cloudy days. Additionally, they offer broth – a plain soup that is great to keep warm.

After graduating from Mumbai, I eventually made my home in the city of my dreams. It has been a long time since I last visited Assam. Whenever I eat steamed hot or fried chicken momos here, my mind is taken back to the days of my childhood; those small alleys and friends who would always meet after school to share a plate full of hot and steamy momos. The simple broth served alongside the chicken momos was so delicious that I could not help but slurp it up. It is remarkable how food can bring back memories of the good old days. I would never tire of the popular Tibetan or Nepali dish.

Chicken momos not only tasted delicious but were also very aesthetically pleasing. There is a multitude of ways to make them – I mostly prefer steamed ones, but I wouldn’t mind eating them fried, or baked.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make whatever kind of dough you prefer. It doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing, as long as it’s tasty enough to satisfy your appetite – that’s all that counts!

Best Tips To Eat Chicken Momos
Usually, we enjoy momos with a fiery and tangy chilli sauce or a schezwan chutney. But, if you want to experiment with your taste buds, you can try adding hot garlic chilli oil or a mayo dip to create an amazing momo flavour. You’ll be delighted with the result! You can also try dousing the momos with some soup to give them a special flavour. When my son first tasted momos, he became an enthusiastic fan of dim sums just like me!

Momos, otherwise known as dim sums, are a popular delicacy from Tibet and Nepal. They are made of all-purpose flour, water, vegetables or chicken, onions, and garlic, and can be prepared either steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, or tandoori-style. They are typically accompanied by either a tomato or house-made chutney, making them juicy and flavorful.

Indians have an affinity for the traditional Himalayan snack of momos, and each region or state has its own special type. There are veggie momos, paneer momos, cheese-corn momos, tandoori momos, Jain momos, fish momos, chocolate momos, Jhol momos, and so much more! Every Indian loves customising the dish with its own unique twist, making it all the more enjoyable.

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