Women are always very particular about their self-care regime and are looking for ways to look more presentable. Self grooming is very important for each one of us, but it is something that the female models have to pay an extra attention to. Do you wish to become a famous model in India? Well, there are no shortcuts on the road to success, but we can share with you some tips that can help you look your best all the time.

An impressive personality and soaring confidence will definitely get you the attention in the fashion industry that you have been looking for.

Take good care of your skin
A happy and glowing face never fails to win hearts. For a flawless skin, it is important for your skin to breath. Make sure you cleanse your face daily with a mild cleanser. Also, use a bath scrub often to exfoliate. Use moisturisers and sunscreens after the shower to keep your skin hydrated. With the right skincare regime, your skin will glow from within.

Do not underestimate the magic of night creams
Night creams work wonders for your skin. They provide the much needed nourishment by reaching the deepest layers of skin so that you wake up looking awesome. Aloe Vera based skin gels and creams hydrate your skin, even the skin tone and bring a natural shine to your face. If you have bedtime products in your skincare kit, you are doing it right. Stay regular for a healthy and supple skin.

Pay attention towards oral hygiene
For a confident smile that steals hearts, dental care is a must. Bad breathe can lead to a very unpleasant first impression. So make a visit to the dentist to have all your dental problems in check. A beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth does add a significant value to your overall charm and personality, besides making you feel so much better about yourself.

Invest in luscious locks of hair
Go for a haircut that highlights the best features of your face and makes you look more attractive. Experiment with various looks and stick to the ones that make you look the best on you. Good hairdos can enhance your personality so much more and can bring a drastic change to your overall appearance. Shampoo your hair, followed by proper conditioning at least twice a week and get a good hair spa every 15 days. It makes your hair look lustrous and shiny. Paying some extra attention and investing a bit more on your hair is always worth it.

Be regular at your waxing sessions
Waxing is an important grooming routine for women. It equals maintaining a good hygiene and makes you look presentable. We do agree it is a personal choice of every woman, but in a profession that is all about looks, you need to adhere to the requirements and cannot ignore this step.

Practice the basics of self makeup
Makeup accentuates your features and can come in handy to hide any scars or occasional breakouts. You can always create magic with a brush stroke if you know the right methods. Invest in a self makeup class and you can always show up looking gorgeous at a party, or get-togethers.

Smell good always
Believe it or not, how you smell does make a lot of difference, and people notice it. Go for something decent and classic fragrances. If you smell terrific, people are going to like you and remember you for a long time. Get yourself a unique fragrance and make it your own for a delightful presence.

Have pretty nails
Keep your nails clean, well shaped and moisturized. Have regular manicure sessions for beautiful nails. Pretty hands catch a lot of attention when you talk and do hand gestures. Make sure they are pleasant to the sigh

Dress in something smart yet comfortable
Wear something that suits you and enhances your personality. Also, check if you are comfortable enough to carry what you are wearing. Avoid anything that makes you too conscious. Follow the trends, but wisely. Not everything out there suits every body type. Understand your body type better, and then make the choice of your clothes. Do not forget to accessorize. There are many beautiful accessories for women. Learn how to accessorize your outfit without overdoing it.

Now that you know all that is essential to be the best version of yourself, practice these regularly to keep dazzling. Want to kick-start your modelling career? Get on because the world can’t wait to have you. Open the door to wonderful opportunities and put your best foot forward on the road to success.


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