9 Things you Should Never Pop Inside your Microwave


The microwave has become an indispensible part of our kitchen. Most of us cannot imagine how our lives would have been without this invention. From heating to thawing, this kitchen appliance scores maximum points over the rest.

However there are certain things that should not be heated in the microwave at any cost. They include:

  • Eggs

If you are planning to cook your eggs in the microwave think again. If you’re going to prepare hard boiled eggs, the heat will get trapped in the egg and have no place to release the steam, which will finally pop and create a mess.

Even if you place eggs in an open bowl of plate, they are bound to create a mess by splattering as the steam from the yolk can suddenly explode.

  • Water

When water is heated in a microwave, it sometimes is unable to release heat in the form of bubbles when placed in ceramic or glass. So when the temperature can’t be regulated and when the heat wants a release it might just explode out of the mug and cause scalding.

  • Metal

Metal containers do not permit the food inside to get heated. And that is not the only reason that makes it an unpopular to heat food; they react negatively with the radiation and can even cause fires.

  • Plates with designs

Select plain undersigned plates to heat food in the microwave. Plates with metallic lining, however small or even prints are unsuitable as they may react with the radiation in the microwave and cause fires or other negative chemical reactions.

  • Plastic

No matter how safe plastics are made, and even if they are mentioned to be ‘microwavable’, it is never a good idea to pop plastic containers or other plastic utensils in the microwave.

Plastic is made from materials that contain estrogen that can enter or leech into the food when it’s being heated. There are no exceptions. Even the BPA free varieties contain estrogen chemical compounds.

  • Meat

The heat from the microwave does not evenly heat the meat, due to which it can encourage the growth of bacteria. The best way to thaw meat is to place it in the refrigerator overnight or to leave it in a standing bowl of water.

  • Nothing

Never ever start or use a microwave with no food or drink in it. The magnetron which is responsible for it to function, absorbs those waves of the microwave and can damage the microwave and cause it to catch on fire.

  • Ceramic

It is preferred not to use ceramic as certain ceramic are made from glazes or chemicals that are hazardous if heated in the microwave and might even cause radiation.

  • Breast milk

Research has shown that the nutritive value of breast milk is killed when heated in the microwave. So it is best to defrost frozen milk by keeping it at room temperature till it thaws out.

So don’t be negligent of the stuff you place in the microwave.


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