99 Year Old Says”There Is No Such thing as Age”!


This 99 Year Old Says There Is No Such Thing As Age! 

The inspirational story of world’s first oldest yoga trainer and her poise and positive attitude toward life will make you question the way you think about old age. “The possibility of doing anything is within you”-says 99 year old Tao Porchon Lynch. She started teaching yoga at the age of 18 and still does.

Tao Porchon’s Childhood

Apparently, Tao learned yoga in India at the age of 8. She was born to a French father and an Indian mother. Her mom passed away after her birth and her father went to Canada leaving her with her aunt and uncle. She grew up in Pondicherry where she became familiar with yoga and developed a positive attitude. Later, she travelled to different parts of the world.

During Second World War she visited her aunt in France and was helping people escape from German soldiers.

She moved to London due to war and worked in a night club. She had to work at several night clubs where she met a few) celebrity actors and writers who later led her to stardom. She became a model for big brands like Lanvin, Chanel and others. Later she moved to Hollywood and worked for MGM on a contract basis for 7 years.

Her True spirit to learn 

Few of the actresses requested her to teach them yoga. But, she was doing yoga only for herself and hadn’t taught others. She decided to come back to India to learn more so that she can be a master. She scheduled her yoga session in a dance studio at Hartsdale in the New York city. There she met dance instructors who suggested that she learn to dance. She wanted to learn tango before her death. At that time she was 87. She started learning ball room dancing and gave dance performance on famous Television show America’s got talent in 2015. Her dance partner was 70 years younger than her.

To Learn from Her

She says, “use me as a page in your book of life.” and “when you believe in something go and do it.”

“When you get up in the morning, don’t just sit there. Go see the birds and see how beautiful they are. Do a little yoga – and learn to do it with the proper breath, that’s more than anything. This is the secret of life.”

We hope that a glimpse inside the life of Tao Porchon is motivating enough to make you work toward your goals be it health and well being or anything for that matter. Because as Tao says rightly there is no age for learning!


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