Alcohol and drug effects during periods


Alcohol and other drugs effects on Periods!

Everyone knows that drugs and liquor aren’t actually the most beneficial. Alcohol consumption have always been sceptical in all stages of life. We have experienced firm looks and swaying fingers when we talk about liquor and other drugs. Having one or two glasses of your favourite drink may or may not have certain effects on your periods.
Be that as it may, I’m not keen on becoming familiar with why drugs and alcohol are awful for me. I need to know what effect they have on an individual’s menstrual cycle. How individuals with periods (counting myself) can settle on safe decisions about alcohol. Lets find out alcohol, drugs effects on periods.
 How alcohol affects your during your period?
A booze can “increase levels of Estrogen and Testosterone.” Estrogen and testosterone are two significant hormones in individuals with periods. Alcohol can elevate the level of these hormones. Hence, it will regulate the amount of bleeding during periods. This can result in irregular periods, which can be difficult to manage. Yet, hormone levels are not affected by few ounces of alcohol. Despite the fact that this varies by individual, it would take a lot of alcohol to affect hormones.
Alcohol doesn’t cause stressful periods. But it can increase the cramps experienced by the individuals with dysmenorrhea. It is a menstrual issue that causes serious spasms. A study further expresses that “alcohol intensifies PMS manifestations”. Since liquor can diminish glucose levels, it ensures the serious side effects of PMS.

What do drugs do during your period?

Since most recreational drugs are illicit, there haven’t been many studies performed. There are cocaine, sedatives, amphetamines, and LSD. These had varying levels of ill effects during periods and pregnancy.
Coke, for instance, can alter ovulation and increase a hormone called Prolactin. It could cause hormonal elevations and unpredictable periods.

What are the effects of marijuana on periods?

Marijuana is believed to relieve stress, cerebral pains, and PMS side effects. With its legitimization in many states, it can be used by people experiencing serious PMS. But finding out the right type of Marijuana can be a real challenge.
Another problem is that there are no more clinical studies to prove the good effects of weed. We need more research to understand the effects of the drug as it is known for its long term consequences.
Infact, the research for substance and alcohol use during periods is very rare. We are aware that most of the women drink and use drugs and we are also aware that these can affect our health. But the exact effects, both good and ill on menstrual cycle is not completely known yet.


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