8 Absolute Worst Foods for Weight Loss and Health


To lose weight and to stay healthy patience and courage are needed. You should cut down on some worst foods for weight loss– I.e fast foods, calories, sugary substances and try to add some nutrients to your daily meal, involve yourself in physical activities too.

8 Worst Foods for Weight Loss and Health:

1. Candy Bars

These candy bars are extremely unhealthy! They have a lot of added sugar and flour. The problem is you can find candy bars everywhere. They are simply placed in stores to tempt the customers.

They contain high calories and low nutrients. So never give into eating too many candy bars

2. Fast-Food Burgers

We all love a big, juicy burger, right? But do you know what it contains? The Trans fat found in meat will raise your cholesterol level and cause heart disease and weight gain. The patty is not completely meat- they are made of other by-products, which will also increase the risk.

3. Pastries and Cookies

Same as candy bars- Pastries, cakes, and cookies contain a lot of sugar and refined flour which are unhealthy. They also contain artificial fats which cause health problems.

Try to avoid these and even if you are tempted to eat sweets, bite on a small piece of dark chocolate.

4. Pizza

Everybody loves Pizza! They are popular because of their cheesy, spicy taste. People will finish their dinner with just one pizza and feel full. But they are very unhealthy.

They are high in calories and contain unhealthy ingredients like processed meat. So try to avoid them and make your meals using healthier ingredients.

5. Barbecue Sauce 

Just 2-3 tablespoons of barbecue sauce contain 100 calories, 22 grams of carbs and 16 grams of sugar which is very unhealthy. Stay away from this sauce if you are keen on keeping your body fit and healthy.

6. Fried Potato Chips

Same as the burgers- Chips are deep-fried with trans fat which will increase cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. This is very unhealthy and has to be avoided completely.

7. Beer

“Drinking is injurious to health” Yes but consuming beer will make you gain weight by adding maximum calories, hence it is named one of the worst foods for weight loss. Heavy drinking will cause more than just weight gain, it gives way to many health problems.

If you feel like drinking- drink wine, it may be beneficial.

8. Ice Cream

Ice creams can be so delicious and mouth-watery and at the same time, they are very harmful to your health. They are high in calories and are mostly loaded with sugary substances.

Ice creams will make you happy but have a small amount of it. Try making ice cream with fruits and yogurts. They can be delicious too.


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