13 Personal Grooming Tips For Women


Personal grooming is so much more than an impeccable make-up look. It entails as much as your health and well-being as your outer appearance. A well-groomed person attracts everyone. Not only do they look well put-together, but they also have an aura of confidence around them that adds to their charm. For women, it is not as simple as getting the right clothes and make-up. It goes beyond that. Paying attention to every aspect of your body and pampering yourself is the way to go. So, here we are today, with some amazing and effective tips grooming tips for women to enhance their personality.

Clean Your Nails Clean nails are the basics of grooming. Getting a trendy manicure done every once in a while is not enough. Apart from washing your hands and keeping them moisturised, it is also important to pay attention to your nail health. Keep your nails short and keep them clean.

Make Sure Your Breath Smells Fresh The first thing that we do after we wake up is to brush our teeth. Why do you do that? To get a fresh breath. No one likes bad breath. It can be off-putting. Brushing the teeth once a day during the morning is not enough. There are some of us who need to refresh our mouth more than usual. So, get a mouth freshener and keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Especially when you know you are going to meet people.

Tame The Frizz You might have done the best hairstyle in the world, but those tiny, untamed and frizzy hair can make you look extremely messy. One of the best and quick way to groom yourself is to tame that frizzy hair. Use a hair spray, dry shampoo or hair gel to get that flawless look.

BB Cream For An Even Tone Before you leave your house, take a good look at your face. Do you see uneven skin tone, blemishes or spots on the face? Well, you better cover them then. BB or CC cream is a quick and effective solution for this issue. Even if you don’t wear a ton of make-up, just a layer of BB cream on your face before you step out is enough. After the sunscreen, of course.

Use Clean Make-up Brushes Dirty make-up brushes are the perfect place for bacterial infestation. Whether you an occasional make-up user or a regular user, it is vital that you keep your brushes clean. Dirty brushes are not only dangerous for your health but also cause skin issues such as acne, blackheads, pimples etc.

Ditch The Flaky Skin No one wants dry and flaky skin. A well-moisturised skin looks fresh, healthy and plump. Get a moisturiser ideal for your skin type and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Conceal Those Dark Circles Under The Eyes Bad night, stress or extra screen time. There are many reasons for dark circles under your eyes. But, the result is one. They make you look tired and unhealthy. So, beat the dark circles with some concealer. If the issue is severe, get a colour corrector as well. Put on the colour corrector followed by some concealer and setting powder.

Just A Swipe Of Mascara Is Enough For the days that you are getting late, but you want to look polished, put on that mascara. It will instantly make you look awake and less bland. Pair the mascara with a nude lip shade and you are ready to roll!

Soft Lips Are Always A Winner Cracked and chapped lips are a big no-no if you want to look well-groomed. Soft and plump lips, however, will instantly get you some compliments. Keep a lip balm handy and nourish your lips every few hours throughout the day.

Do Not Overdo The Perfume Smelling good is amazing. Overdoing it? Not so much. You should not smell like you have sprayed a whole bottle of perfume on your clothes. Keep it minimal and add a few touches to it throughout the day. Also, keep away from strong fragrances. Get a fragrance that suits your body odour.

No Wrinkles On The Clothes This is one of the finest tips for personal grooming. Have you ever seen someone in wrinkled clothes and appreciated him/her? No, right? Wrinkled clothes will never give you a polished and fine look. Many of us don’t iron the clothes simply because we don’t have the time. Plan your day. Decide what you want to wear the next day and keep your attire ready.

Pay Attention To Your Footwear You will be surprised to know the impact your footwear can make. It instantly lifts up your look. So, pay detailed attention to your footwear. Make sure that your footwear goes well with your attire. If you wear formal shoes, keep them polished. If you wear a lot of shoes and sandals, they tend to smell. Ensure that your footwear does not stink.

Find Your Signature Hairstyle To get a flawless look requires hit and trial. Try various hairstyles and find the one or the ones for you. A clean and flawless hairstyle is the way to a well-groomed look.


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