How to make your eyes look more beautiful without makeup


There are many ways to enhances your eyes naturally. This begins with good skincare routine and staying healthy. If you have a good skin routine than without applying mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow, your natural beauty shines. Below are some advices to look your eyes beautiful with and without makeup.

Rest, rest and more rest: Get plenty of rest. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to avoid your eyes look tired, puffy or red. When you don’t get enough rest, your body doesn’t get the chance to repair and restore itself. As you sleep, your body produces human growth hormones.

Drink plenty of water: Keeping your body hydrated will help you replenish your body’s fluids, thus reducing redness and puffiness in eyes. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to remain hydrated.

Look after skin around the eyes: The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on your face, so you need a cream that offers excellent barrier repairs. For this you should apply cream at proper routine. Avoid applying cream to the eye lids. At night, use a generous amount of cream around your eyes to help moisturise and restore the eye underneath skin. Using a night treatment can also help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and skin damage.

Use eyes brightening drops: Eye drops help you rejuvenate your eyes and provide relief if they are getting irritated. Eye drops reduce redness and puffiness.

Stop consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoke: Alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate your body which causes redness and puffiness in eyes. Smoke irritate the eyes and can cause redness. Eliminating smoking and consumption of alcohol and caffeine will help your body restore its balance of hydration.

Stay healthy: The most important things to keep your eyes radiant is maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember to exercise regularly, as it can help brighten eyes and speed up the fluid process in the area near the eyes. Getting out in fresh air will give your face a healthy glow and help your eyes sparkle.

Wear sunglasses: When you are outside, always wear sunglasses, as it protects t you from harmful UV radiations. If you are out in sun, your eyes will develop wrinkles and fine lines around the edges. So, before going out make sure that you have wear large frame sunglasses and properly moisturised the skin around your eyes.

Dab concealer under the eyes: Concealer is a base foundation that can offset the colour of dark circle under your eyes.

Apply eyeliner: Using a dark colour eyeliner, draw a line about halfway or two- third across both the bottom and top of the eyes, right along the lash line.

Shape your eye brows: Eyebrows are frame for your eyes, and their shape can make your eyes appear to be certain shapes as well. Plucked, thread or wax your eyebrow to give a perfect shape. Well groomed eyebrows will also give your eyes a brighter appearance.

Use eye lash curler and apply mascara: An eyelashes curler, will clamp your eyelashes and bend them upward in curl. Curling your lashes upward will make your eyes appear to be bigger and more open. Using mascara with upward curled eyelashes gives you a scratching look.


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