Ukraine is the country of beautiful girls


Nowadays, the siege of the Ukrainian border by Russian forces has raised fears that war could break out at any time. For this reason, Ukraine is in discussion all over the world. Ukraine, formerly part of the Soviet Union and independent from the union in 1990, is not well known to many. Ukraine is a beautiful country but its youth is known as the most beautiful girl in the world.

It is the second-largest country after Russia and is known as the land of happy people. The main economy here is dependent on agriculture and the country ranks third in the world in agricultural production. The educated community here is earning a lot of money by doing farming in a sophisticated way. In Ukraine, 30% of the population lives in rural areas. Military service is mandatory in this country and 780,000 soldiers are ready to defend the country. It is the third-largest nuclear weapon state in the world. Russia has the largest military presence in Europe after Russia.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev and other cities of the country are also very clean and beautiful. The country is developing at a good pace with large production of aircraft. The world’s largest aircraft is built here. There are 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. The public transport system in the country is of excellent quality and all the small towns and villages are connected by railways. Bus and tram services are cheap.

Kiev is considered the world’s deepest metro service, which is built underground.

The citizens here are fond of food and drink. The bread here is world-famous. There are at least one cafe every 100 meters. The climate of different parts of the country is different. It is snowing in some places and moderates in some places. The Chernobyl reactor is in the same country. From there the leak caused heavy damage. No one lives in this city even today. A large number of tourists visit this country.


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