Is Morning The Best Time To Workout For Weight Loss


Weight Loss Tips: During the weight loss process, you need to focus on the timings of the workout session as well. The right time for exercising can give you better results. Read here to know what the recent study explained on the timings for the workout session

To lose weight you need to find the right exercise and diet. Exercise helps you burn the required amount of calories which result in weight loss. But the right combination of exercises is not enough to lose weight, you also need to exercise at the right time. According to a recent study, the timing of the exercise also determines the result of your weight loss journey. So those who are trying to lose weight should exercise at the right time to lose weight effectively.

Weight loss: Is morning the best time to workout for weight loss?
The study evaluated 375 adults who were trying to lose weight. The participants were involved in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity. The timings of the exercise of all the participants were noted. The early morning was the most common time of the day noted during the study.

 Which Is More Important For Weight Loss: Diet Or Exercise?

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of obesity. The study concluded that a consistent time dedicated to physical activity gives a better result. As per the study a person can exercise during the morning, afternoon or evening but the person needs to ensure consistency regarding the timings of the workout.

Weight loss requires a lot of patience. Regular exercise can give you the desired results. But you need to follow your exercise regimen on a daily basis. The right exercise can help you shed those extra kilos in no time. If you are also trying to lose weight here are some weight loss exercises you must try.

Best exercises for weight loss
1. Jogging
Jogging will make your whole body move. It will provide a complete workout to your body. You can spare some time in the morning for jogging. It will also keep you energetic throughout the day.

2. Squatting
Squatting can also help you lose weight. It a great exercise for your lower body. It will also help in toning your muscles. You can practice 2 sets of 25 squats each day.

3. Plank
Plank is another great exercise, especially tone the muscles around the stomach. Plank will help you reduce belly fat if practiced on a regular basis. It will also burn a huge amount of calories

4. Jumping rope
Jumping a will provide you the effect of complete body workout. It will help you reduce fat from all over the body. Jumping increase the heart rate and makes you sweat more.

5. Yoga
The health benefits of yoga are well known. Yoga can help you reduce body fat as well. There are many yoga asanas which you can try at your home to lose weight. Some of the yoga asanas may include boat pose, urdhva mukha svanasana, bhujangasana, baddha konasana and many more.

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