Here’s how a protein oil can ensure good hair health


In the 21st century, hair-related problems emerged as one of the most problematic concerns of our lives. Many factors contribute to our dull, damaged, brittle, and falling hair, and our sedentary lifestyle and environmental pollution mainly lead to these issues.

These include poor hair care routine & dietary habits, using overheated styling equipment, chemical treatments, and sun overexposure, among others. With all these problems in place, protein is the ultimate solution for reviving our lost hair texture and strength. Just like protein improves our body’s internal health, we also need it for our daily hair care rituals to keep our tresses healthy and strong.

Proteins are the chemical building blocks of our body called ‘amino acids that help us build and repair muscle bones. Similarly, our hair comprises a particular protein called ‘keratin,’ which should be strengthened and improved by protein. So when our hair feels limp, weak, or lifeless, it may indicate protein deficiency.

But when we add protein to the hair care regimen, it boosts our hair with various nutrients that reconstruct and strengthen hair strands, making it strong from the inside. One way to pamper our hair with protein is by using Ayurvedic protein-enriched hair oil, suggests Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Founder & Executive director, AIMIL AYOUTHVEDA. He shares insights on how Ayurvedic oil enriches hair.

How to seek the right protein hair oil in the market?

Among the tons of protein hair oils available on the market, we need to consider purchasing one from an authentic Ayurvedic brand that curates products from the authentic Ayurvedic process, “Tail Pak Vidhi.” The right protein oil should be non-greasy and a potent blend of nourishing oils formulated with effective botanical extracts and herbal paste of Bhringraj, Amra, Onion, Curry Leaves, Black Seed, etc. Furthermore, the formulation should be free of harmful chemicals like Light Liquid Paraffin (LLP). An ideal protein hair oils offer unparalleled benefits for our hair. These are as follows:

Prevents hair breakage and fights dandruff
When we regularly/frequently oil our hair with protein-enriched hair oil, it helps to fight dandruff and reduce hair breakage issues. A dry scalp is mainly responsible for these common problems. Thus, the powerful combination of protein-rich natural oils and herbs helps cater to dandruff and hair breakage.
Provides deep nourishment

The protein hair oil, power-packed with abundant proteins, essential micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc., goes deep into the scalp and nourishes our hair. After a prolonged busy day, a protein hair oil comprising nourishing oils (like Almond, Sesame, Coconut, Rosemary, etc.) can be our best friend to nourish our dehydrated scalp and get a flawless hair texture.

Stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation
As stated above, one of the critical benefits of ideal protein-based hair oil is that it helps reduce hair fall problems to a great extent. In addition, when we massage it with proper techniques, it helps revive the nutrients in the scalp and significantly improves blood circulation, thereby promoting new hair growth.

Strengthens the hair

Besides preventing hair breakage and falling problems, oiling with protein hair oil strengthens hair through essential minerals and nutrients. The important Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and natural proteins also help prevent external damage from heat and enhance our hair roots. Prevents damages caused by chemically formulated shampoo and conditioner

The presence of toxic ingredients (like sulphates, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, polyethylene glycol, etc.) in shampoo and conditioner is detrimental to our hair health and can lead to hair fall issues. In addition, unoiled hair is vulnerable to cuticle damage caused by chemically formulated shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, experts recommend switching to natural and organic hair wash products or at least opting for pre-oiling the hair with a protein hair oil to limit the chemical damage to a great extent.

Wrapping up
When oiling is done with a protein oil, it can add shine to our dull, damaged, and brittle hair. With these benefits, regular oiling must be an integral part of our hair care ritual to enjoy lavish nutrient-enriched beautiful, longer and stronger hair. To get the optimum results from protein-infused hair oil, gently massage the scalp in circular motions and leave it a minimum of 30- to 60 minutes or overnight for maximum absorption.



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