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Many couples are now choosing to get married abroad, and this trend has been witnessing an exponential rise in the last 10 years with Italy becoming one of the top and favorite destination wedding locations.

Indeed, many couples choose to get married in Italy for the many beautiful options and experiences the country has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a romantic elopement, a non-stop partying mood, an exotic experience or a luxurious setting for your destination wedding, you can be sure to find your dream location in Italy. From decadent gastronomy, great spirits, and stunning scenery to art & architecture, the list goes on… Not to mention the welcoming and joyful mood of the people! There is no doubt that Italy is THE country for destination weddings.

Italy offers a plethora of idyllic settings and venues scattered around the country. Think historical city centers, lakeside luxurious villas, quaint borgos, charming farmhouses, historic castles and much more.

In this article, we’re taking you to our favorite Italian regions to help you plan your wedding in Italy. This will help you narrow down your search before moving on to choosing your wedding venue in Italy.

So, with no further ado, let’s start with the most beautiful regions for destination weddings in Italy.
Why get married in Tuscany & Umbria?
Get married in Chianti, Siena and the Tuscany countryside:
Located in Central-West Italy, Tuscany is the perfect place for a memorable destination wedding. Best known for its stunning lush landscapes, idyllic sceneries, medieval villages, and renaissance art, Tuscany also offers a famously exquisite gastronomy and fine wines.
Its quaint and charming borgos and beautiful historic villas are the first choice for simple, laid-back but elegant brides. Tuscan wedding venues check every item on the must-have list for boho-chic wedding decor and rustic wedding themes.

In fact, weddings in Italy often mean getting married in the Tuscan countryside, on top of a rolling hill, surrounded by never-ending olive groves, vineyards, and charming old houses. This is why most destination weddings in Tuscany are Alfresco (literally translated to open air) – to enjoy the picturesque outdoors. IF this is what your dream wedding looks like, then don’t hesitate and start looking at our favorite Tuscan wedding venues. And worry not, even if you’re in the countryside, you will still be able to enjoy a wide range of experienced and talented Tuscan wedding vendors. For more on Tuscany weddings, we suggest you check out our Destination Wedding Guide to Tuscany.
Need to see more? Just take a look at the venues and wedding pictures below to get inspired.

Get married in Florence:
Romance, art, architecture, and charm are all what Florence is about. Cradle of the Renaissance art, the beautiful capital of Tuscany is a national treasure. La Piazza Del Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio are just a few of the stunning backdrops with beautiful and intricate architecture and undeniable charm.

You and your guests will get to enjoy the perks of being close to or in a big city, without losing the charming atmosphere, stunning landscapes, beauty, amazing culinary experience, and most importantly Italian romance! You can have your wedding in a magnificent garden of a refined and historic villa, and then have the most romantic and beautiful photoshoot right on Ponte Vecchio.

In Florence, you won’t have to worry about your guests’ transportation and logistics. And more importantly, you won’t have to get out of your way to keep your guests entertained. There are just so many things to see and discover in the area like climbing the Duomo stairs for a breathtaking 360 degree view of the city, taking in all the impressive art masterpieces and museums available at every corner (Hello David!), and finding unique gems in the many nearby Ponte Vecchio shops .. Need we say more?

Why get married in The Italian Lakes?
Romance, refinement, and luxury, this is what rhymes with a wedding in the Italian Lakes. Celebrities and stars privilege this area, tourists go for exceptional boat rides in stunning surroundings, while brides host their dream weddings!

Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Lake Maggiore are the most famous Italian Lakes and the most coveted Italian wedding destinations. The serene beauty of their waters, the elegant atmosphere, and impressive sceneries all makeup for a memorable wedding day.
You can host the wedding you dream of, regardless if it’s an intimate chic affair or an absolutely lavish extravaganza.
And while they might have a reputation of being more on the expensive side, mostly because the region is smaller and thus the availabilities are more limited, the venues on the Italian Lakes guarantee you sophistication and refinement no matter your wedding budget. To dive deeper (no pun intended) into your favorite lake, head to our guide to destination weddings in Italy’s lakes. Meanwhile here are some of our favorite wedding venues in the area.

Why get married in Veneto?
Get married in the Veneto countryside:
Veneto is the region where the famous and still influential architect Andrea Palladio built most of his masterpieces. In Veneto’s countryside, you will find his villas that were built in the 1500s and can even have the chance to get married in one of his authentic and historic masterpieces.
Of course, the amazing and valuable architecture will elevate any wedding design and style, but it’s not reason enough to choose your destination wedding location. So let us tell you little bit about the Venetian style of the buildings, the ancient churches, the charming piazzas, and most importantly, the magical romance that can be felt throughout the countryside.
Whether you want a sophisticated wedding or you prefer tying the knot rustic-style, you will find what you’re looking for in Veneto! Care to dream some more? Then head to our destination wedding guide to Veneto’s countryside.
Don’t be surprised if you book your venue straight away!

Get married in Verona:
Why do you ask? Well here are two words that couldn’t be any more convincing: Romeo & Juliet! While we certainly do not wish anyone such a tragedy, we wish every couple the same amount of love and passion forever.
Other than being able to get married in Juliette’s house, Verona is one of Italy’s oldest cities and boasts numerous roman monuments, from the medieval period to the Renaissance. The region’s history is very rich, and its churches, villas, and castles (palazzos) were all built during different centuries giving the city a variety of architectural styles. When you think of wedding venues in Verona, think stunning villas located on lush green hills and marvelous castles that have a certain romantic charm exclusive to the region. Not to mention the sumptuous frescoes of mythological gods and creatures that you’re sure to find in its beautiful palazzos.

Verona is the perfect match for romantic yet sophisticated wedding themes and styles, and for every bride dreaming of experiencing classic Italian romance surrounded by beautiful frescoes.

Get married in Venice
Venice by itself is dazzling and amazing. The city has historic heritage, magnificent architecture, art masterpieces everywhere, and a great party atmosphere!

Your wedding in Venice will certainly be magical and a unique experience for everyone. Just imagine yourself arriving to your wedding ceremony in a Gondola, cruising the Grand Canal with your guests, celebrating in 16th-century palazzos, toasting to love while overlooking the magnificent silhouette of the city, and many more events and activities in an incomparable setting. The city’s pomp and opulence will impact both your wedding’s decor and atmosphere!

Why get married in Amalfi?
It is while cruising the Amalfi coast that you will be able to witness the most romantic yet happy and colorful side of Italy. Sun, Dolce Vita, and breathtaking sea views are waiting for you there. If Lemons, Limoncello, olive leaves, and bright blue hues are in your destination wedding mood board then you’re in the right place!

The magic of Amalfi can be experienced by boat, car, or by climbing its numerous stairs. Indeed, its beauty is not limited to the gorgeous views you get from your boat’s deck, but also by touring its gorgeous hotels, castles, churches, and museums. Amalfi is a dream wedding destination in Italy and a classic one. It offers brides the opportunity to host their wedding ceremony and reception in beautiful castles, century-old hotels overlooking the mesmerizing coastline lined with pastel-colored facades.

Why get married in the Dolomites?
The Italian iconic and majestic mountains are now becoming an Italy destination wedding favorite! Recently classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, the region has conquered brides’ hearts with its unparalleled romantic vibe.

Snowy peaks and majestic mountains surround the cosy chalets and charming towns. The scenery remains incredible whether in summer or winter. A wedding in the dolomites can be rustic, bohemian, sophisticated or whatever you want it to be, in all cases it will certainly have that warm, cozy and intimate feel that you can only find in this region.

We know that choosing a destination wedding venue is no easy task, and selecting a destination wedding venue in Italy can be quite overwhelming when you have such a rich heritage. Now that you know the best regions to get married in, you can look for more tips on choosing your wedding venue in Italy.

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