7 Reasons for premature greying of hair


Have you just freaked out after spotting a grey strand on your head and you haven’t even reached your mid 30’s? It might just be genetic. Our change in lifestyle is partly to blame for premature greying of our hair.

Here are some not commonly thought of reasons that cause greying of our hair:

1)    Exposure to cigarette smoke

The list of why one should not smoke just keeps getting longer. It’s not just people who smoke but also passive smokers who face premature greying of hair.
The radicals created when lighting a cigarette is found to cause greying of hair which makes it as one more reason to quit.

2)    Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes can cause changes in the texture, density and color of the hair. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone and cholesterol slowdown in production after you hit your 30’s that could be the cause of this premature greying.

3)    Age

Inevitably everyone has to face greying of their hair. Some are lucky enough to experience it later than others. After you hit 30 the risk of hair your hair going grey increases by 20-30%, each decade. At some point or the other in life you have to face grey hair.

4)    Pollution

Pollutants and toxin make your hair go faster. These chemicals generate free radicals that disturb the melanin production and seed up the hair aging process that causes greying of hair.

5)    Stress

If it is in your genetic destiny that you will have grey hair as your age then stress will just speed up the greying process. So don’t forget to take steps to alleviate stress unless you want to age sooner than you are supposed to.

6) Autoimmune disease

Some autoimmune diseases like alopecia, propecia generico areata cause people to develop small, smooth round patches on the scalp because the immune system attacks the hair follicles. When the hair grows back in these patches it usually is white in color.

7)    Genetics

Greying genes come from both sides of the family. So if you spot yourself sporting grey hair sooner than you expected you can blame it on your parents.


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