What Does Your Workplace Behaviour Reveal About Your Personality?


Workplace behaviour is a reflection of your personality. Some people are workaholics while others do the bare minimum to get by. Read on to find out what your workplace behaviour says about you.

An office or a workplace is composed of diverse individuals of all age groups, ethnicities, and personality types. They all come from various backgrounds and work in different ways to achieve their aspirations. Some people stay quiet, some are overly friendly, and others can’t help but complain all the time.

How a person acts at his or her workplace can reveal a lot about them, from their upbringing and education to their best and worst personality traits. Your personality can even play a big role in influencing your career. A person with an inherently quiet nature would not prefer to go into the media field, and similarly, a typical people person would rather prefer a sales role over an accounting job.

However, a workplace personality can be different from an individual’s overall personality. Some people essentially wear a disguise at work, pretending to be someone completely opposite. But it’s not an easy task, and your workplace behaviour eventually reveals your true personality.

Read on to learn about 6 common types of office personalities and what they say about you.

1. The Workaholic
Every workplace has a workaholic. Like the title suggests, workaholics simply love to work. Most people are excited when they bag a new job, but the excitement wanes quickly, and even dream jobs start appearing dull. However, a workaholic can stay at the same job for years without getting bored.

If you often come early, stay late, and are ready to accept assignments anytime without your manager forcing you to do so congratulations! You are a workaholic. You are hardworking, determined, and ambitious. You can also be highly creative, modest, and compliant.

However, being a workaholic can be a compulsive disorder as well. It’s good to work hard, but do take note if your work is affecting your personal life.

2. The Chatterbox
Some people just love to talk. It doesn’t matter what the age, stature, or gender of the other person is; a chatterbox will find something in common and continue to talk. If you are such a person, you are most likely an extrovert and thrive on social interactions. You have a bubbly personality and make friends easily. However, remember there’s a difference between talking with your friend circle and talking with everyone. Chatty people can often appear annoying to others, but they mostly have good intentions. These people are most likely to be found in the HR department.

3. The Complainer
There’s always that person who acts as the mood killer at the office. That’s the complainers. They always have excuses for everything, are never happy, and constantly complain, whether it’s about the manager, the co-workers, or even their personal lives.
If you too like to complain at work, chances are that you’re difficult to please and have very high standards. You don’t care much about others’ opinions of yourself and have a negative outlook on life. You also also do the bare minimum of work to get by and then flee at the first sign of responsibility.

4. The Helper
Some people go out of their way to help others, especially at work. These are the helpers. Need a hand with your bags or take a look at your faulty computer? Helpers are ready to assist. They are extremely reliable people who value positive relationships. If you’re a helper, you are caring, empathetic, selfless, and crave affection in life.

However, there is also the sinister type of helpers who keep track of all the times they’ve aided someone. They help only to ask for favours in the future, not because it’s in their nature. Beware of such people.

5. The Recluse
Next, we come to the office oddball, the recluse. There’s one at every workplace, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are blunt, some are brazenly rude, and others can get anxious from talking. However, the common traits of the recluse are that they mostly keep to themselves and talk only when absolutely necessary.

If you too identify as a recluse, chances are that you don’t have many friends at work. You come, do your job, and leave without bothering about interactions. You prefer to work alone and try to slip away from meetings and group tasks. Due to this, you can be perceived as rude or smug, but that’s far from the truth. Reserved people are often shy and introverted and take time to open up.

6. The Monk
The monk at work is the classic mediator. They have to have a finger in every pie at work. Identifying traits of monks are that they’re friends with everyone, close with no one, stay away from politics, and rarely pick sides. They go with the tide and refrain from conflict. They keep their cards close to their chest and never let their intentions be known. If you are a monk too, you tend to be relaxed and carefree most of the time. You have a friendly nature and are easy to get along with. You are content with what you have and possess a positive outlook on life.


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