6 Signs you are in a rock-solid relationship with your partner


Signs of a strong relationship

A relationship takes years and years of patient efforts and timeless perseverance. Without these two basic elements, your relationship is doomed to suffer and will get dull and lose excitement over time. However, there are many other things that determine your relationship with your partner. From a compatible connection to a respectable relationship, much of it defines a strong and a healthy union in the contemporary times. Whether, you’re in a long-term or a short-term relationship, or if you’re living together or in a long-distance tie-in, the secret to an unbreakable bond is the will to continue and go on to become an almost-perfect couple.

That being said, here are 7 signs, you are in a rock-solid relationship with your partner.

You miss them from time to time
When you’re away from your partner for work or may be some family gatherings, if the thought of your partner still seems to make your heart flutter, then your relationship is on the right track. The fact that you still miss them, even when you’re extremely busy, speaks volumes about your love for them.

Even when you’re apart, you have no trust issues
Insecurities, lack of trust and doubts, usually arise when the couples are distant and away from one another. The quality of a bond between two people can be measured in terms of how secure and confident you are about your partner. That being said, if you and your partner have no problem trusting one another, even in times of crisis, then you’re both definitely in a strong relationship.

You love trying new things together
Usually, a lot changes with time. But if you’re still up for a late night binge watching with your partner or an adventurous tour to an amazing sight and so on, then you and your partner have a lot more years together to cherish and make memories.

You share the same sense of humor
Sharing the same sense of humour in the long run means you’re still the same friends that you were before you started dating one another. It’s a bond that should never be lost, even when the dynamics of your relationship changes. Therefore, you two are definitely are going to go a long way.

You know how to deal with a rough patch together
Problems and crisis-ridden situations are hardly unavoidable. That said, if you and your partner have learnt the art of dealing with it together, then your relationship is surely in safe hands and you need not worry too long about your problems.

You are equally invested in your relationship
Finding time, planning surprises and communicating with one another, whenever you get time, reflects the strong connection in your relationship. It shows how dedicated you are to your partner and how enthusiastic you are to keep your bond healthy.


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