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Gym alternatives – When it comes to physical fitness, I’ve always opted for the tried, true and traditional. I’m perfectly happy with my light weight-training and a good jog in the park. The weight-training makes me feel buff and invigorated and the running helps me clear my head and get my heart rate going.

But apparently I’ve been missing out on a whole new wave of inventive, fun and sometimes hilarious workout routines — from “aerial yoga” to “booty ballet!” I had no idea that hula hoops were back, and I certainly didn’t know that bouncing across the room like a kangaroo — on “jumping shoes,” no less — would earn me anything but strange stares.

And those are just a few of the unusual new fitness trends that have workout enthusiasts across the country twisting, twirling and bounding their way to better bodies and better health.

Of course, fitness crazes are nothing new. Ever since Jane Fonda released her hit workout series in the ‘80s, experts have been inventing new ways to get in shape. Sometimes it’s just a matter of modifying an existing sport into a fitness routine — like spinning, boxing or rock climbing — but other times the ideas are a little more creative.

So, if traditional workouts have run their course for you, take a look at some of the more unusual fitness trends we found that are inviting folks to have a little fun while breaking a sweat. Who knows? Maybe one of these workouts could be your ticket to fitness.

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