Personal Grooming tips for Women


Personal grooming is an art which helps individuals to maintain personal hygiene and help them look attractive and presentable. An attractive personality helps boost an individual’s self-esteem and gives the person confidence to face people and interact with them.

Personal grooming does not mean wearing designer clothes and caking your face with loads of makeup. Grooming refers to maintaining hygiene in all parts of the body, which helps you look presentable and acceptable.

Nobody enjoys staying around people who do not take care of their personal grooming and hygiene. People get easily turned off by dishevelled, unhygienic individuals.

Each individual comes from a different background and has been bought up in different environments and conditions. All have not learnt the same set of personal grooming tips or hygiene care.

And there are some sensitive and personal topics like pubic hair or hygiene of the private parts, which people are embarrassed to discuss or ask someone.

Therefore we have listed down some essential personal grooming tips for women, which will be very beneficial to women of all ages.

Essential personal grooming tips for women

1. Skin

There is something about glowing skin which makes you look happy and attractive. Having naturally healthy and glowing skin is any time better than using hordes of makeup products to look attractive.

Water is your skin’s best friend, drinking lots of water every day will help cleanse the body and keep the skin hydrated. Eat a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables to get all the required nutrients.

Healthy diet automatically results in healthy skin and body. Do not compromise on your beauty sleep, get 8 hours of sleep daily and follow an exercise routine to keep your skin rejuvenated.

Wash your face with mild products twice a day and ensure you remove any makeup before going to sleep.

Use makeup products from trusted brands and always use a good sunscreen while stepping out in the sun.

Follow these personal grooming tips for the skin and you will see that glow returning on your face, making you look healthy and cheerful.

2. Hairstyle

It is best if you do not keep long hair if you are not able to maintain them and take care of them. It is important to wash your hair regularly, wash them at least twice or thrice a week with a good quality shampoo and a mild conditioner.

Avoid chemical-based products as they can damage the hair. Maintain a hairstyle which suits the shape of your face. The hairstyle can drastically change the way you look.

Tie your hair up in a ponytail or a bun if you have long hair, keeping long hair open for a long time can damage them and also make you look dishevelled. Use good quality hairbrush or combs to ensure less breakage of hair.

Oil your hair frequently to keep the hair nourished. The hairstyle you sport can make you look good or can end up spoiling your appearance.

Therefore it is important you maintain a hairstyle which may not be too fancy, but is one which makes you look good and which you can maintain without any trouble.

3. Make-Up

Remember makeup should be used only for enhancing your looks and not for changing your looks completely. Your face should not look cakey and artificial, under heavy makeup.

You can use foundation or concealer to cover the uneven skin tone or the dark circles under the eyes. A dash of Mascara or eyeliner can help make the eyes look lively, but don’t overdo the eye makeup.

Use delicate light shades of lipstick or lip gloss to add colour to your lips. Use light makeup with nude shades for the everyday look.

You can go for bold colours and more vibrant makeup shades when getting ready to go out for parties or special occasions.

4. Outfit

What you wear and how you carry the outfit speaks a lot about yourself. Therefore it is important to always wear clothes which you are comfortable handling.

Wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t mean wearing pyjamas wherever you go; you need to dress according to the occasion and for the place. Ill-fitted clothes can ruin your look and make you look under-confident.

Wearing clean, well-ironed, well-fitted clothes can make you look confident. While dressing up for work, remember to be smartly dressed and avoid wearing revealing clothes.

5. Footwear

It is said a man is judged by the footwear he wears. Unconsciously people tend to look at a person’s footwear and create an impression unknowingly. You may not own fancy pairs of footwear, but remember to wear clean footwear which is not broken or torn.

If you love wearing heels, wear sandals which you are comfortable walking in and ones which don’t make noise as you walk around.

6. Smell

It is important that you smell good. No matter how good looking or well dressed a person is, if they smell bad, it is a huge turn-off. Remember to use perfume or deodorant which smells good before you step out.

Strong perfumes are generally not recommended for women but that is completely an individual choice.

7. Nails

People tend to notice your hands and nails as you shake hands or when you talk. Therefore it is important that you take care of your hands and nails and keep them clean and beautiful. Similarly, take care of your feet and toenails also.

Manicure and Pedicure your hands and feet once in fifteen days or once in a month to keep them healthy and clean. Apply good quality cream on your hands and feet after your bath and before going to bed.

Trim your nails regularly and use nail paints to highlight them. If you don’t like using nail paints, you can use a nail shiner to make your nails look healthy and shiny.

8. Unwanted Hair

Having unwanted hair on your face or body can be repelling. To look presentable and hygienic, it is important to get rid of the unwanted hair.

It is important to get your eyebrows and upper lips done regularly. If you are wearing sleeveless clothes or short dresses, ensure you have waxed or shaved your legs, hands and underarms.

Invest in an epilator if you want to keep your body hair-free always, it will help you get rid of unwanted body hair anywhere and anytime without having to worry about waxing or shaving before wearing an outfit.

9. Basic Etiquettes

Apart from the external looks, following basic etiquettes are essential for the overall personal grooming of a person.

You can win the hearts of people with your smile, smiling is a friendly gesture and hence you should smile more often when you are with people. Using the basic courtesy words like ‘please, ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ etc in your conversations can be useful.

Choose your words before speaking; what you speak will determine what impression is created in the mind of the opposite person. Speak intelligently, using polished language. Avoid harsh language and accusatory language.

Final Words:

Everyone wants to look smart and be liked by the people around them. Apart from looks, it is important that a person is well-groomed, speaks well and presents themselves aesthetically.

A well-groomed person emits confidence and attitude. Above mentioned personal grooming tips for women will be beneficial to women of all ages and help them take a confident step forward in the world outside.


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