6 Tips for Self-Soothing during the Pandemic COVID-19


We are having an extremely stressful time amidst the coronavirus, quarantine, and dealing with our emotions during the self-isolation. Anxiety and stress are real and we all need to deal with sooner or later. To take charge of your emotions, practice self-soothing during the pandemic to prevent getting overloaded by the stress of coronavirus and isolation.

What Is Self-Soothing during the Pandemic

Self-soothing is physical, psychological, biological, and emotional learning and the ability to calm down after experiencing something stressful. Practicing self-soothing during the pandemic is helpful to go through the stressful and traumatic experience.

Self-Soothing Activities during the Pandemic

Sensory-soothing behavior is one of the powerful self-soothing during the pandemic. You can simply trace the lines on your hands or gently rub your forearm with the thumb. They might sound silly but it’s a way of telling your brain that everything is okay with you and you are safe. You need to send comforting signals to your brain very often during quarantine and self-isolation.

when in panic or highly stressed, run your hands through a jar of rice, beans, or coffee beans – it can be helpful! Think about how relaxed you are in a park or on a beach playing in the sand. A bubble bath is one of my favorite self-soothing techniques. Self-soothing behaviors will help you manage pandemic at ease.

Here are Strategies for Self-Soothing during the Pandemic

conscious Breathing Technique – As soon as you feel stressed, you need to take a few deep and slow breaths. Following easy breathing techniques helps you exhale the tension and it is one of the best tips for self-soothing during the pandemic.

Positive Self Talk – Tell yourself that you are okay and you will get past this situation quickly. You need to keep encouraging your brain and soul to find the best ways to handle stress and anxiety.
Realize your Strength – You are always larger than stress, anxiety, and fear. Realize that you are always better at dealing with emotions and think from different perspectives. Know your strength and use it to manage anxiety and isolation.
You Are Not Responsible for Others – Avoid feeling inappropriately responsible for what others are going through. You are not the reason for their lives. Keep reminding yourself that you are right and everyone deserves walking their own path.
Meditate – Sit in peace for a few minutes. This reduces stress and helps you visualize a light coming through your life. Feel the light even in the darkroom. Meditation and yoga are a few of the best techniques that will help in Self-soothing during the pandemic COVID-19.
Pat Your Heart – Remember what your mother did to console you when you were crying? Put your hand over your heart and feel your heartbeat. When you touch your chest, it will send blissful biochemicals endorphins throughout your body to keep you fit and motivated.
Self-Compassion – Love yourself because your thoughts can make or break you. Try to be sweet to yourself. Avoid beating yourself and show compassion to yourself. Replace negative thoughts with positivity and you can enhance your well-being during the quarantine.

We hope these techniques will help self-soothing during the pandemic. Be empathic and carry positive emotions. Try to stay as calm as possible because you need peace in your life during the pandemic and forever. Ease at home with this amazing quarantine quiz.


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