Whiskey and Its Health Benefits


Did you know that drinking whiskey in moderate amounts can contribute to better health? In fact, this beverage is proven to be far healthier than beer, wine, and many other alcoholic drinks. It is made from fermented grain marsh and there are nearly 13 different types of this liquor worldwide namely Scotch whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, Irish whiskey, etc.

Health Benefits of Whiskey

1. Less Sugar Content 

Compared to beer, wine, brandy, and other liquors available in the market, it is made with less sugar content. Hence, blood sugar levels can be kept in control when consumed in moderation. This particular drink is also less in calories with a single shot not having more than 80 to 100 calories in total. Other hard alcohols such as vodka and gin also are less in sugar and carbs.

2. Contains Antioxidants

Ellagic acid (a natural phenol antioxidant) is found in high concentrations in whiskey. This acid neutralizes the free radicals in the blood thus offering protection from life-threatening diseases such as cancer. It also boosts immunity and prepares your body to fight against infections.

3. Helps in Better Digestion

The pepsin present in whiskey breaks down protein and thus helps in better digestion. A shot of whiskey after your meal is considerably better than drinking beer or wine that can aggravate your gastric problem. It helps in relaxing your stomach and intestine and treats indigestion better than any alcohol in the market.

4. Strengthens Your Memory

Recent research has found that drinking whiskey in moderate amounts can improve your brain health and boost your memory from falling prey to old-age illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. With improved blood circulation, this drink can keep your mind relaxed and free from stress.

5. Regulates Sleep-Wake Cycle

Whiskey helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle when consumed before going to bed. It relieves you from stress, eases your body, and induces sleep. Insomnia and sleep-related problems can be kept at bay with a shot of this drink before bedtime.

In spite of your favorite drink having so many health benefits, it is essential to keep in mind that alcohol should be consumed only in moderate amounts. Excess liquor consumption can affect your liver, pancreas, normal functioning of your other organs and become life-threatening in acute cases. Hence, savor your shot of whiskey without compromising on your health.


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