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Eat well - In simplest terms, eating well means eating the right amount and kinds of food.A person’s food intake is usually described in terms of how much energy they get out of the food they eat. The US measures that energy in calories. (Other countries use slightly different measures, Australia for instance uses energy/kilojoules ) Everyone needs a certain number of calories in order to function, but that number varies according to age, sex, and physical activity, among other things.Generally speaking, a person needs around 2,100 kilocalories per day—minimum—to stay healthy. That’s the number the World Food Programme and others use when identifying chronic hunger. Food gives us energy, but it doesn’t stop there—it’s also a go-to source of micronutrients. These power-packed substances enable the body to pump out the hormones and enzymes it needs to develop and perform to its full potential. Micronutrients play an especially big role in childhood development.

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