How to Make a Girl Feel Special


Did you know, that doing something as simple as sending an unsolicited “I’m thinking about you” text to a woman can make her feel like the most cherished and valuable person in your life? It’s true. Studies have even shown that reminiscing about happy experiences together can make a woman feel special and make the both of you feel closer. Want to know even more small tricks about how to make a girl feel special? As it turns out, it doesn’t take much to make her feel cared for and cherished.

How to Make a Girl Feel Special and Loved
1. Be physically and emotionally present.
When together, don’t look off in the distance or daydreaming about Sunday night football. “Face and look at her—with interest—when she starts talking,” advises counselor, Karleen Andresen.

2. Send unsolicited texts.
Unsolicited, meaning genuine and not asked for. “A text that says, I love you, or if you’re not at that stage yet, thinking of you, speaks volumes,” says psychiatrist, Dr. Dion Metzger.

3. Giving small, yet meaningful, gifts.
“Get her something you noticed she liked without her mentioning it,” says Metzger. She loves the smell of lavender, so bring home some lavender sprigs one day.

4. Create new experiences together.
“Arranging classes to foster a passion of hers, a cooking course for example, shows that you know what’s important to her and that you’re supportive,” says relationship expert, Rori Sassoon.

5. Do some of her duties.
“Make her feel appreciated and do some of the house work that she may usually do,” says Vera Vance, a relationship expert and writer.

6. Ask what she likes.
Since you can’t read her mind, it’s fine to ask her what would make her feel special, says relationship therapist, John Sullivan. “The key is then to do one or two a day whether you feel like it or not.”

7. Give her an unexpected embrace.
“Especially when she’s tense. This brings your strength to the tension and allows her to relax from it,” says Andersen. Or, just try to surprise her with a hug from behind.

8. Sit next to her.
If you really want to know how to make a girl feel special, body language is everything. When at a restaurant, sit next to her instead of across from her. “If you’re always near her or sitting towards her it subconsciously makes her feel wanted and protected,” says Vance.

9. Compliment her on a regular basis.
Too many people wait to compliment people like it’s a special occasion, says matchmaker and dating expert, Stef Safran. “Compliments are free and make people feel special!”

10. Be old fashioned.
Cheryl Detwiler, a life coach and relationship counselor, says of her husband and business partner. “Opening doors for her shows he’s old fashioned and women love the effort.”

11. Ask for her opinion on decisions.
“Whether it’s big or small; ask her what she thinks of your place, or what you should get for your mother for Christmas. When someone feels included in your life and decisions it can make a woman feel like she is a special part of your life,” says Safran.

12. Tell her she’s the best you’ve ever had.
“Woman do not feel special if men bring up stories about other women in promiscuous situations from their past. Make her feel like she is the best you’ve ever had and bring the sexual memories to life that you two created,” says Vance.

13. Be romantic by planning special time together.
“Simple gestures like a romantic dinner with all of the trimmings; a dress to wear, flowers, etc. can make a woman feel like a princess” says Safran.

14. Compliment her in public.
Do it when you’re with friends, family, and business associates, says Detwiler. “It makes her feel appreciated and special.” Not to mention, shows you’re proud to be with her.

15. Tell her you appreciate her.
“Never let vulnerability keep you from loving someone to the fullest of your ability,” says Vance. In the end, the girl you’re with will feel special when you tell her you appreciate her, want her, and need her company and advice.



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