5 Bridgerton-inspired sex tips to make haste & try


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The spicy 1813 London OTT show had us all addicted to their screen and gave us several couple goals. But what grabbed attention has been mostly the spicy and intimate scenes amongst the young characters and thus stands for all seasons. To spice up your sex life, here are 5 Bridgerton-inspired sex tips to make “haste & try”. Also, feel free to use a vibrator. Hide it in your garter if you may, YOUR GRACE!

Make him watch
While you low on your back and touch yourself, make your partner sit a little away from you and watch you. Something the Duke encouraged the petite Bridgerton indeed. For more fun, add a timer and tell your partner that they cannot touch you until the timer is off.

The blindfold
Have your partner blindfolded and then play the music of your liking (sensuous please). You can easily play the violin-based Bridgerton instrumental playlist and make your partner’s hands strip you with touch and feel but blindfolded eyes.

The staircase usage
If your house does not have a staircase, hire a BnB or a villa or any place where they do and try oral sex on those stairs. Even a doggy-style position can be fun as long as you both don’t slip and fall. Need padding on the floor? Spread a small carpet.

Roleplay galore
If nothing else, Bridgerton gives you many ideas for roleplay sex which can be wild! Agreed that all the scenes have been plucked from the Mills & Boon books but at least you have a visual manual to this. Try corsets, play a duchess, the maid, a dressmaker, or even a nude model while your partner paints- on the canvas or on you, is up to your imagination.

The carriage/car
There is a lot of intimacy that begins for the couples in their carriage until they reach their destination, in the show. This is what we call foreplay! Little nibbles on the ear and brushing fingers, rubbing, begin with all these before you go for the real sex. Remember that foreplay is the key to great sex like communication is for all relationships.






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