Most Pet Parents Feel the Pandemic Improved the Bond They Have with Their Pets,


Mars Pet care has the data to show that pets have made it easier to endure the current pandemic.

Mars Pet care released a report titled “Keeping People and Pets Together” on Tuesday. The paper is based on research and a poll of over 1,000 pet owners. It examines current trends in pet ownership by analyzing data from shelter surveys and pet parents.

According to the “Keeping People and Pets Together” report, pet owners were very aware of the pandemic and many of them mentioned how it had changed the way they lived, worked, and interacted with their animals.

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There was a tiny benefit to the pandemic for pet owners. According to respondents questioned for the paper, 84% of pet owners stated that their emotional attachment with their animals had grown during the epidemic, and 80% of pet owners felt they had spent more time with their animals during the pandemic.

Ninety percent of pet owners say they want to continue spending as much time as possible with their animals going forward, having spent more quality time bonding with them in 2020 and 2021. In order to facilitate this, 65% of all pet owners questioned stated they intend to bring their pets on vacation whenever possible, and 72% of pet parents who now work from home stated they would like to bring their dogs to the office when they return.

The data from this research was utilized by Mars Pet Care to inform the creation of their first-ever Pet Homelessness Index, which gauges the level of pet homelessness in the United States.





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