5 Interesting Benefits of Potato Juice for Skin and Hair


Enough of all the blame game that potatoes have been through. Did you know that this root vegetable is beneficial in several ways when it comes to skin and hair? Yes, potato juice is loaded with vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorus making it something that the world celebrates for its beauty benefits and we’ve listed a few.

1. Bye-Bye to Puffy Eyes

Potato juice is a great anti-inflammatory remedy that is used to heal puffy eyes and dark circles. Strain the extract from grated potato, soak two cotton balls in it and place them over your eyes either as the first thing in the morning or before heading to bed. Potato juice also helps your eyes relax for a good night’s sleep.

2. Acne and Scars

Skip all those store-bought chemicals and creams that promise to make your skin clear. Applying potato juice could be the most economical and efficient way to get rid of the scars left by acne. Try applying it for over a week and notice the difference yourself.

3. Wrinkle-Free Skin

Skin tightening is one of the most significant benefits of potato juice. When mixed with yogurt or egg white, the result is even better. This remedy works great in cases of early aging by potato juice acting as a moisturizer for dry and chapped skin.

4. Removes Tan

Suntan does no good as it makes your skin look dull and basked. Once you are back home, wash your face with cold water followed by the application of potato juice. Let it stay for 20 minutes before you wash it off. Make this a routine and watch your skin tone turning back to normal in a matter of a few days.

5. No More Dry Hair & Dandruff

Dry scalp is a serious concern, especially in the winter. Well, our miracle juice is of great help in this case as well. Mix a good amount of coconut oil and potato juice and spread it all over your scalp and hair. Tie your hair into a bun with a hot towel and let it stay for half an hour. Wash your hair to witness how dandruff has reduced. Follow this routine twice a week for healthy hair and scalp.

Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna skate and potatoes gonna potate, so use them to the fullest in your beauty regimes.


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