5 Hydrating mistakes


We all know the importance of drinking water and how it is essential for good health. But there are some things that we are doing wrong while hydrating ourselves.

Here are few ideas we have got wrong about hydrating ourselves:

  • There is no rule of 8 glasses

Yes you must drink a lot of water but there is no hard and fast rule that you need to gulp down 8 glasses. Water intake varies from person to person as the exact amount depends on your size and weight.

And the fact that you can get water from food like fruits and vegetables also plays a role in determining the exact amount of water needed.

  • Not drinking before a workout

We all tend to drink water in between our workouts but forget to fill up on water before the actual workout. If you don’t drink enough before you will be prone to headaches.

  • Confusing thirst with hunger

It is a good idea to sipping water all day so that you do not mistake thirst wit hunger. If you have such confusion then better sip on some water first and then see if you really are hungry.

  • Hydrating infrequently

Drinking water throughout the day at regular intervals is important. You should not only drink when you are the gym or in the hot sun but even when you are sitting at your desk at work. Keep hourly or bi-hourly reminders on your phone to prompt you to drink more water if you are not used to the habit.

  • Avoiding drinks like tea and coffee

We have often heard that drinks like coffee and tea are bad if consumed too much. But now research has found these drinks can help replace fluid loss in the body.


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