Vastu for Pets – How to do Vastu for your pet at home


Best Vastu tips for your pet – Discover all about Vastu for pets animals – Explore is rabbit good for Vastu, or is dog good for home vastu or cat at home good for Vastu. Bring positivity, make your home lucky with a Vastu pet

Are you a pet parent? Or, maybe you are thinking if keeping a dog at home is good or bad; or is cat good for Vastu. If you are planning to bring a furry pet friend to your home – this post is for you. You see, having an animal as part of our family brings tremendous joy and happiness into our homes. Most of us love animals. We wish to keep them as pets. Sharing your life with a pet pal makes for a more enjoyable and fun experience.

Yes, it’s great to have pets in your home; even as per Vastu. Loving animals connect with us at many levels. By showering unconditional love and loyalty, they offer emotional fulfilment. And with all the fun-filled playful moments, they also keep you on the go and physically active. Pets are family and it is only natural for us to care for them like one.

As a pet parent, we take immense care of our furry family member in every possible way. Now, Vastu Shastra offers a unique way to invite positivity in a household with pets. It is all about asking which pet is good for home as per Vastu. So, right here, we are sharing some Vastu tips for you and your pet’s well being. Also, as per Vastu, different animals have different impacts on the life of your family members. Let’s explore more of the Vastu Shastra related to pets at home.

Vastu and your Pet
Are pets good as per Vastu?
Yes, Vastu says pets are an excellent addition to your home and your family. Here are a few benefits of:
a. boost positive energies, cheerfulness into your home
b. maintain a better emotional balance amongst the family members.
c. Some pets also bring in good fortune and peace – Find out which ones
d. Pets connect well with human beings and are loyal to their owners.
e. The positivity of pets fills your home with happiness and optimism.
f. Certain traits of animals prove to be lucky for your home.
Explore Vastu tips for your Pet

Which pet is good for home as per Vastu?
According to Vastu Shastra, specific animals prove to be the best pets one can have. They shower positivity and desirable energies on you and your family members. In contrast, other animals are not considered auspicious or lucky.
Vastu prefers pets such as dogs, frogs, fishes, cows, turtles, buffalo.
Find out: Which pet animal is not good as per Vastu.

Which pets are not suitable as per Vastu?
Vastu suggests to avoid petting a pigeon, a parrot or a cat in your home. While it is true that there is no scientific evidence that proves this, it is believed that these animals are sensitive to energies and vibrations.In other words, they tend to bring in bad energies to a home. However, there are some pets that do not cause problems in your home like turtles, dogs and fish which are safe to keep as pets.

Vastu preferred pets
Are you wondering if keeping dog at home is good or bad? Dogs are a man’s best companion. As your house pet, dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. According to Vastu Shastra, the dog should have a kennel facing towards the north direction. Also, it is favourable for home. Ensure that the entrance of the dog house and the entrance of your home is the same. Keep cleaning your pets regularly; do not let them enter your home when they are dirty.

Vastu Shastra says fishes bring good fortune, prosperity, and good health. Place the fish aquarium in the north-east direction to achieve maximum benefits of the pets.

Cows hold a supreme value in the Hindu Puranas. The cow referred to as “Maata” is a sacred animal. The cow eliminates the sorrows of your home, maintain emotional balance, and also induce prosperity into your home

The tiny rabbit is one of the most beautiful animals. The delicate furry pal can bring in sophistication and warmth in your home. Also, ass pets, rabbits foster harmony and good fortune too

Turtles are one of the most adored pets. Keep your turtle in a tank that is facing towards the North direction. Turtles bring wealth, good luck, and prosperity. As per Vastu, Turtles are an auspicious animal.

Although frogs are not kept as pets by many people, it is essential to know the Vastu related to it. Frogs are considered extremely lucky. They bring good fortune. They enhance the togetherness of your family members and relieve stress in your home.

Pets to avoid

Cats are known as cunning and deceitful. According to Vastu Shastra, Cats spread negative energy into your home. Hence Cats have to be avoided.

Interestingly, Feng Shui prefers cat pets for boosting wealth and fortune. The Feng Shui principles say Cats are animals with good energy. Hence most people buy cats as their pets to gain good luck and prosperity.

Are you a person who likes to tame birds – then caution! Not every bird is the right Pet, especially pigeons. The Vastu Shastra says pigeons bring misfortune to family members. As per Vastu, Pigeons can destroy the real happiness of your home.

Parrots can have a negative influence on family members. One way to eliminate such vibes is by placing the birdcage in the north-east direction. However, you should avoid keeping parrots as pets.

How to do Vastu for pets?
Here are top Vastu tips for your Pet at home:

Pick a suitable animal
Choose a Vastu preferred animal for a pet. So, before you get a pet into your home, understand the Vastu Shastra associated with them.

Find the right location
Make sure to choose the right place for Pet’s house – this varies as per your pet animal, as shared in the Vastu direction for Pet homes

Mind entry direction
Entrance direction to your Pet’s house or area should match your home’s entry. Remember if you place the animal homes in the wrong directions, they may suffer too.

Care for your Pet
Nurture your Pet in the right way. Keep them happy to harness their auspicious vibes in your life.

Why care about Vastu for Pets
Vastu tips help in enhancing the benefits for both the owner and the pets. So, bring home your favourite Pet according to Vastu tips for many memorable moments.

Reduces negativity
Bringing pets into your home as per the Vastu tips can help in reducing the adverse effects of negative energies. By doing so, you can keep your pets happy and your home filled with positive vibes.

Fosters kindness
A pet animal, chosen as per Vastu guidelines, comes with a gift of love for you and your home. Your pet companion kindles a feeling of giving and selflessness in you.

Boosts Wellness
Having a Vastu suitable pet at home enhances joy and happiness in your days. And the unconditional love and affection bring a sense of gratitude in your inner self. Vastu approved pets are a sure-shot way to achieve overall wellbeing for you and your family.


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