Top 7 Military Exercises To Get A Ripped Body


Our warriors are always ready to counter any insurgency and threat to the nation. At times, their weapons might fail plans may fall apart or enemies may run away. But of all the possibilities involved, the last thing they would worry about is their level of fitness. They will be able to sprint to cover, carry a fellow soldier out of harm or hurdle obstacles, all with a high level of efficiency. So with lives hanging in the balance, the soldiers train themselves heavily. Daily exercise is like a routine to them.

While most of the times, results of a workout program have been disappointing for non-military people, military people have years of experience in workouts and exercises that yield results. It’s easy to see the soldier with big guns and ripped abs, and wonder how he manages to look like that without a proper work-out schedule. Most servicemen in the military don’t have time for weight training, yet they manage to get a ripped body following the ‘Military Exercises’.

Want to know more about these exercises? 

First things first – weight loss. One should have around 7% fat to get a ripped body. But if you are an athlete, you need to have 10-14% of it. While everyone has their own methods of training for fat loss, there are several exercises that work for everyone.

WARM-UP: You cannot do anything without a good preparation and warm up is the best preparation for working out your body. You ready your muscles for the training. Warming up can be done in two phases – stretching and cardio, 10 minutes of each will just do it. Stretching allows for improved performance, reduced potential for injury, increased blood flow, and agility. But if you skip on this, be ready to have serious cramps and muscle pains.

DIET: Proper diet is necessary to build and maintain a ripped body. To build muscle, you must cut calories and increase proteins than needed. You can refer to my previous article on how to maintain a good diet. Just understand the importance of diet when this is second in the list.

Coming to exercises…

SQUATS: Squats hits the core and large lower body muscles. The more muscle mass and motor units recruited during an exercise, the better the exercise for burning body fat, and the squat is the best of them all. Raise your arms in front of you and parallel to the ground. Now go down till your thighs are parallel to the ground and repeat 15 X 4 times.

CHIN-UPS AND PULL UPS: They are the complete exercise for back development – especially for the lats – and you exercise every part of your back, just by using a combination of chin-up and pull-up variations. For upper back, hold the rod right above your body and for lats, increase the distance to about a metre.

MILITARY PRESS: Also called a shoulder press, the military press targets the deltoids, and is generally done in a standing position to stabilize their core. You can particularly use any weights from bricks to rocks if you don’t have access to dumbbells or rod. Open your arms parallel to your chest and probably holding weights. Raise your arms up touching the weights to each other and slowly come down. Repeat 15 X 4.

PUSH-UPS: Push-ups are the best exercise you can do for your triceps, biceps and chest. If you are doing it with your palms parallel to your chest and about a feet gap in between, you are working your chest and biceps but if you are doing it right below your shoulders making a triangle with your palms, you are working your triceps.

CARDIO: Heavy aerobic exercises which elevate the breathing are to be done two or three times weekly. 30 minutes daily is more than enough for it. Do not do it on your training days or you will be exhausted too soon. Sprinting is the best option for doing cardio. Follow this: Jog for 2 mins, sprint for 1 minute. Repeat 5 such sets for 15 minutes then walk for 3 minutes and repeat 4 sets again.

And viola, you already worked out your whole body. But there are few things to take care of:

Stop the exercises immediately if you feel pain or are out of breath.
Do not drink water when your heart is pumping heavily. Chances are that your lungs will inhale the water and you may die.
Follow the routine religiously and stick to it. It may be hard at first to manage but remember, an officer never quits. Push yourself for 1-2 weeks and believe me, you will get addicted to it and crave for more of it.
There are people who work so hard to get that ripped body and then there are cheaters – taking steroids. DO NOT take drugs! You may take supplements and that too after you get natural cuts.
Finally, eat like you have never eaten and sleep like you have never slept after the work-out.


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