Sudden weight gain? These 7 underlying health conditions may be the cause


Your diet is not the only culprit behind sudden weight gain. These underlying diseases may also affect the number of that scale.

When our weight starts increasing suddenly, the first thing that comes to our mind is that maybe something is wrong with our diet. Isn’t it? Yes, your diet plays an important role if you want to shed some weight. However, as per an expert, along with your diet and workout routine, there are certain health conditions or diseases which can also result in sudden weight gain.

Wonder what those conditions are?

Well, HealthShots got in touch with Dr Rajat Goal, bariatric surgeon, Apollo Spectra, Delhi, to find out about the health conditions which can contribute to sudden weight gain.

Read about these 7 underlying diseases which can cause weight gain:
1. Insomnia
Are you unable to get a good night’s sleep? Then, you will be surprised to know that sleep deprivation can make you gain weight. “It is because lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can affect mood and even eating patterns, increasing your hunger and appetite. Due to this, you may overeat or eat a lot of unhealthy foods that can make you pile those excess kilos,” says Dr Goal.

2. Menopause
Women during their menopausal stage gain weight suddenly. Wonder why it happens? Well, blame it on your estrogen level. Estrogen plays a critical role in the menstrual cycle and reproductive system. Menopause brings changes to your estrogen level, so a low and high level of estrogen levels in your body can cause weight gain.

3. Kidney problems
Sudden weight gain can be an indicator of something going wrong with your kidney’s health. Kidney failure or nephrotic syndrome are some Kidney problems which have the potential to damage the kidneys. These issues can make you gain weight or lead to swelling in the body. “If the kidneys are not functioning properly, the body tends to retain fluid, causing weight gain,” says Dr Goal.

4. Thyroid problems
If your thyroid is out of whack and is unable to produce enough thyroid hormones, then be ready for gaining some kilos. This happens because hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) slows down the metabolism which can result in sudden weight gain. So if you’re noticing weight gain then it means that your thyroid could be slow or sluggish.

5. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Many women with PCOS gain weight and face a hard time losing it. And therefore women are also at higher risks of developing pregnancy related complications. Dr Goal says, “If you have PCOS then you may gain oodles of weight because it causes the ovaries to produce abnormally high levels of male sex hormones leading to weight gain.” To manage the condition, it’s really important you lose weight and follow an active and healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet.

6. Stress
Having stress, anxiety, low mood, depression can cause weight gain too. While some people can also lose weight due to these issues. Dr Goal says, “Weight gain can occur as one may turn to food as a coping mechanism. You will end up eating junk, processed foods, and sweets that are loaded with calories. You may not exercise and there will be physical inactivity. So, poor lifestyle choices can make you gain weight.”

7. Cushing syndrome
In rare cases, certain endocrine disorders such as Cushing syndrome can be a reason behind weight gain. What causes this condition? Well, overexposure to the stress hormone known as cortisol may cause this condition to develop and this can result in weight gain. Along with weight gain, it also causes chin hair, type 2 diabetes, and stretch marks.


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