10 ways to make your workplace more fun


If you’ve spent most of your time in traditional offices with strict rules of conduct, the concept of mixing work and fun may seem shocking and outrageous to you, but the idea of ​​combining the two is not so strange. Research shows that employees who have fun at work are generally more productive and value a number of important professional criteria, including creativity and innovation.

That’s why modern workplaces are increasingly gearing up to have fun at work with their employees. In fact, in these times, one of the most important characteristics of an effective and successful organization is fun. Don’t believe us? try!









How to make your workplace more fun

 Make your workplace interesting

A sterile room is no fun. Renovate it to create a space where you spend time. Photos, decorative accents or travel souvenirs will put you in a good mood. Another great idea is a soft board with thank you cards, postcards and emails.

Take a break

Take a short break every hour, walk around, clear your mind and give your eyes a break from the laptop screen. A few desk exercises can boost your creativity and productivity.

Change the view

Hold meetings on office lawns and your employees’ energy and engagement levels will increase. Fresh air and warm sunlight have a wonderful effect on people’s mood and do a great job of refreshing the mind and body.

Find reasons to laugh

There is no need to crack a smile all day, but once in a while to crack a smile you need to drop a professional demeanor. Share funny stories and links or create a joke board where people can pin cartoons or little jokes.

Play some games

Sports equipment like a basketball hoop or baseball bat can inject a generous amount of positive energy into the office, and a chess board, carrom or even a ping pong board can work to let your inner child come out from time to time!

Create traditions that promote happiness

Couples in a relationship often find “their” song or place that takes them to a happy place. Work on that logic and create traditions that promote happiness with coworkers and team members. A weekly potluck, a trip to the nearest barista for drinks every afternoon or Friday evening?

Make time for surprises

In the hustle and bustle of work, it’s important to celebrate successes and milestones. Besides the obvious work-related ones, keep track of work anniversaries and birthdays. An ice cream party or popcorn evening snack can cheer up the most tired workers.

Put the good ones on the shelf

Food is always a great way to increase bonding within a team. As the old saying goes, “A family that eats together stays together”.

Play the music

Bringing earphones to work is a great way to jazz up a typical day. Ask for your favorite numbers while completing the task. However, remember that music can sometimes be distracting. Avoid doing things that require intense concentration.

let’s go

Encourage employees to leave work and go home to find family and leisure time. A helpful ritual for teams is to create a list of tasks for the next day and pin it on the chalkboard.

Research shows that the more you do, the more you keep doing it. But before you start acting too funny in the workplace, define what fun is and what isn’t. Funny, off-color, sexual, hurtful or harmful is never funny!


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