Personal Grooming Tips for Women


Personal grooming refers to an art which helps individuals to clean and maintain their body parts. Human beings need to wash, clean their body parts to look good and for personal hygiene as well. Personal grooming helps in enhancing an individual’s self esteem and also goes a long way in developing an attractive personality.

Personal grooming does not mean applying loads of makeup and wearing expensive clothes. It refers to cleaning and maintaining each and every body part for a pleasing appearance. No one likes to talk to someone who is dirty and does not take care of personal hygiene and grooming.

Personal Grooming Tips for women

Do not keep long hair if you can’t maintain it. Remember your hairstyle must suit the shape of your face. It is essential to wash your hair at least thrice a week (especially if you are working) with a good shampoo and a mild conditioner. Excessive shampooing can also sometimes damage your hair. Do not forget to apply hair oil to provide the required nourishment to your hair. Comb your hair with a good hair brush which does not break your hair. Never scratch your head in public. If you have medium to long hair, tie it properly in a neat bun or a high pony tail.

Nothing looks better than a glowing and healthy skin. Merely applying layers of makeup will not make you look beautiful unless you are healthy from within. Drink lots of water and do take care of your diet for a flawless skin. Intake of fruits and green vegetables will restore the glow on your face. Sleep well. Wash your face at regular intervals and make sure you do not sleep with your makeup on. Do not apply just any cream on your face. Go for a trusted brand and something which you have used before. Never step out in the sun without applying a good sunscreen with SPF of minimum 25. (Ideal for Indian skin).Choose the right moisturizer to avoid chapped skin in winters. Do not forget that all cosmetics come with an expiry date. Replace your cosmetics within seven to eight months of purchase. It is always advisable to go for a patch test before trying a new product.

Females should regularly remove hair around their lips. Eyebrows should be shaped whenever required. You can also use a good bleach to lighten your facial hair. Excessive bleaching leaves your hair hard and dry. Be very careful!! Unwanted hair on your hands, legs, underarms or any other body part should be regularly removed as they make a women look unpresentable.

Hands should be clean and nails properly trimmed and manicured. Many women tend to ignore their feet and toe nails. Give yourself a pedicure once in fifteen days to keep your feet healthy and clean. Apply a good foot cream to get rid of cracks. Do not apply gaudy nail paints. Coat your nails with a transparent nail shiner. Dirty fingernails not only look disgusting but are harmful for your health as well.

Who says you have to apply layers of make-up to look good? You can make heads turn even with minimal make up. Never apply cakey makeup. Applying excessive foundation will not give you a white complexion but make you look like a clown. Do not overdo colours on lips or eyes. Red patches on face look undesirable. Go for a simple look.

Dress sensibly. Make sure your clothes are clean and properly ironed. There should be no visible sweat stains on your dress. Remember, a female must always smell good. Apply a mild deodorant or talc. Look fresh.

Flash your smile quite often. Visit your dentist once in six months. Make it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day for that beautiful smile.


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