Long Distance Relationships… | Agonizing Words


Just the first two words of this sentence inform you of all the limitations that will apply to the final term. “Long Distance” means that the only regular means of communication you can have is through calls, video calls, or messaging. This implies, among other things, that meeting your lover in person is an extremely significant occasion because it happens after a considerable amount of time.

However, how did it start in the first place? Well, sometimes it starts when you and your partner live together, but one of you has to move to a different state or city. You might meet someone online, through a recommendation from another person, or for any other reason. Right now, only the fact that you two met matters. And for whatever reason, you two physically rather than emotionally part ways. And the physical gap between the two of you simply grows to the point where it prevents you from being closer.

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As I mentioned earlier, there are problems with long distance relationships, but when the four of them are happy and the sentiments are genuine, it doesn’t matter. Just kidding, don’t get the wrong impression, it’s just two, not four, and never, ever try it in real life. For all four of them, it might be an incredible experience . These are jokes; don’t take them literally.

Being faithful to your loved ones even when they are physically far away from you requires a great deal of self-control, genuine emotions, and committed love that unique connection. Sometimes these relationships end in tragedy; some terminate because of problems with their families, some fail to move back in with their loved ones, and some, despite their loyalty, move on to find a better match. Which, although it may have seemed like the finest thing to happen at the time, destroyed the other person for a while until they met someone else who helped them recover and learn to love once more.

Happy-ever-after partnerships go on to become local legends that serve as role models for the younger generation. However, although it may appear simple, being in a long-distance relationship actually puts your patience, loyalty, self-control, and commitment to one person to the test. You can only experience, feel, and sense this way from your partner; you cannot accept it from anybody else.







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